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Bicycling Southern New Hampshire
Linda Chestney

2000 • 224 pp. 6 illus. 41 maps. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"
Cycling / New England Travel / Portsmouth

$15.95 Paperback, 978-1-58465-362-2

Revised & expanded ed.

This updated and expanded second edition of this book offers the best cycling routes in southern New Hampshire

Cyclists throughout the world seek out New England for cycling adventures. And there's none better than in New Hampshire. New Hampshire has it all -- seacoast, quaint New England villages, panoramic views, peaceful back roads, and unlimited opportunity to enjoy nature on the saddle of your bike.

This updated and expanded second edition of this book (with over a dozen new rides added, 48 in all) offers the best routes in southern New Hampshire, a chance to get some serious exercise, and the best "de-stresser" known -- nature in all its glory. Join cycling enthusiasts who've discovered the joy of cycling and the quiet beauty of the back roads of New Hampshire.

LINDA CHESTNEY is also the author of Mountain Biking New Hampshire's State Parks and Forests and Bicycling New Hampshire’s Seacoast.

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