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John Haberle
American Master of Illusion
Gertrude Grace Sill; Douglas K. S. Hyland, fwd.; Pamela Barr, ed.

New Britain Museum
2010 • 128 pp. 48 illus. (34 color) 8 1/2 x 11"
American Art

$26.00 Paperback, 978-0-9724497-1-7

"[A] splendid volume that fills a gap, bringing attention to the innovative, skilled John Haberle (1856-1933), who has been relatively overlooked." Maine Antique Digest

The seminal text on a nineteenth-century American master of trompe l’oeil painting

Of the three great nineteenth-century American trompe l’oeil artists—William Michael Harnett (1848–1892), John Frederick Peto (1854–1907), and John Haberle (1856–1933)—the least well known is Haberle. Haberle approached painting with an informed and sophisticated connoisseurship. A highly original artist, he often alluded to complicated, ingenious, and entertaining aspects of contemporary society. The rarity of his work only adds to its allure. This catalogue, the seminal study of Haberle’s life and work, illuminates the artist and his witty works of art that continue to enthrall viewers today.

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GERTRUDE GRACE SILL, a graduate of Smith College and Wesleyan University, is an art historian, curator, and professor. She has lectured and published on Haberle for over forty years.

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