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To the Bone
Sebastian Agudelo

2009 • 80 pp. 5 1/2 x 7 1/2"

$14.00 Paperback, 978-0-9818591-1-8

“Both poet and chef, Agudelo scrubs and knifes language with utmost skill.... perhaps nowhere since Proust do lines stoke or stroke the senses with such clarity and sensuality as they do here...”—Gary Joseph Cohen, Lana Turner

Winner of the 2008 Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize, selected by Mark Doty

To the Bone, winner of the 2008 Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize, selected by Mark Doty, is a poetic feast. These lush, highly detailed, and at times vulgar poems give insight into the body, mind, and soul of the millions of kitchen workers across the globe. Told with gritty authenticity that only someone with true life experience working “the back of the house”, to use culinary lingo, can bring, Agudelo leads us by the mouth and nose on a one of a kind experience. In Whitmanesque style, Agudelo gives voice to the myriad of colorful characters who prepare our foods and clean up after us, lifting the veil on what we’d rather not see, but can’t turn away from. To the Bone is a unique collection by a stunning new talent. As Mark Doty writes, “To the Bone is an unexpected, bracing debut. You’ll have trouble putting it down.”

Reviews / Endorsements

“His work is expertly crafted and will connect with readers, making "To the Bone" unique and enjoyable.”

Midwest Book Review

“Agudelo invites Whitman and Auden behind the scenes, into the aspiration, struggle and resignation behind the swinging doors. To the Bone is an unexpected, bracing debut.”—Mark Doty

“Sebastian Agudelo, by concentrating on cooking, has found a way to synthesize the various strata of an entire society, and, as well, to accommodate a poetic language of remarkable range and density. To the Bone is, at its heart, a meditation on the human cost of the finest things. Richly allusive, consummately literate, as passionate as it is intelligent, it reads like an aria.”—Rodney Jones

SEBASTIAN AGUDELO was born in Mexico City. He earned his MA from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and currently teaches literature and writing at University of the Arts and Temple University. He has worked extensively in restaurants in Philadelphia, where he presently lives with his wife and daughter.

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