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Velleity's Shade
Star Black; Bill Knott, illus.

Poet/Artist Collaboration Series

2010 • 88 pp. 17 illus. (16 color) 6 x 9"

$16.00 Paperback, 978-0-9818591-7-0

An artist/poet collaboration that is the flipside of 2006’s Stigmata Errata Etcetera

Reversing their roles in 2006’s Stigmata Errata Etcetera, Star Black serves as poet, and Bill Knott takes on the role of artist. Bill Knott’s colorful, mischievous, semi-abstract paintings compliment Star Black’s meditations on love and relationships, as well as the divide between what time holds captive and what eludes time. In Velleity’s Shade the temporal collides with the imagined and the passing years become a confluence of queries, shifting views, odd inventories, and light-hearted challenges as if time were a rocking-chair on a flying carpet and turbulence was nothing to fret about.

Velleity’s Shade is a special treat for lovers of art and poetry.

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From the Book:


Sleeping at night with various kings,
banquets rolling from wooden bowls,
chalices flipped, did she surmise
an overcast to those lapsed

evenings in her morning bath?
Or were the moments too magical,
too bannered? And what of the future,
the recent past, did they exist

in scented water, the bacchanals
over, the castle mute? She never asked,
she never wandered. The water surrounded
her and, then, everything began

in a stark fuzz. Contact
was banter, banter was love.

STAR BLACK is the author of four books of poetry—Waterworn, Balefire, Ghostwood and Double Time—and book of collaged texts, October for Idas. Her poems have been anthologized in The Penguin Book of the Sonnet, The Best American Erotic Poems: From 1880 to The Present, and 110 Stories: New York Writers After September 11. She has taught at The New School, Stony Brook University, has lectured at the Bennington Writers Seminars, and is the co-founder of the KGB Bar Poetry Series in the East Village. She works in New York City as a photographer and visual artist.

BILL KNOTT is the author of 12 highly acclaimed collections of poetry, most recently Stigmata Errata Etcetera. He taught for many years at Emerson College and now lives in central Michigan.

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