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Other Romes
Derek Mong

2011 • 88 pp. 1 illus. 6 x 8"

$14.00 Paperback, 978-0-9818591-8-7

An exceptional first book from a new talent

Other Romes gathers together an eclectic range of influences—from Fellini films, to eating contests, Jesuit poetry, and jetliners—to confront the awkward but inevitable relationship between personal narratives and the larger public sphere. And like the title city that haunts much of this work, Mong refuses to settle on any one voice or form. Restrained at times as a Latin ode, or expansive as Whitman, these poems take erotic love and in-flight disaster through subtle, fissuring syllabics, strict sestinas, free verse, and more. The end result is an expansive collection, which as poet and critic David Baker remarks, demonstrates that “the privacy of the lyric world is part and parcel with the communal imagination.”

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From the Book:

Song of Songs 5.6

after Matthias Sarbiewski

So you’ll know me, My Lord, I have dismantled
my body and released it, piece by piece,
through the branches and stars. This is what I call love.
My heart I unveiled, and it flew off like a sparrow,
but my heart, dear Christ, you did not return.
My will I released as one would a firm handshake,
but my will never reached your knocker, your door.
My mind you’ve kept like an inkwell near the window.
My breath feeds your candles, your lamps. Now I fold
my soul up for its journey, which, if you wear it,
will render me naked, and like a living corpse I will stay.

DEREK MONG’s awards include The Missouri Review’s Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Choice Prize, Alehouse’s Happy Hour Poetry Award, and two Hopwoods. His poems, translations, and prose have appeared in The Southern Review, Crazyhorse, The Kenyon Review, The Michigan Quarterly Review, TriQuarterly, Courtgreen, and Breathe: 101 Contemporary Odes. He holds an MFA from The University of Michigan and is currently a PhD candidate at Stanford University.

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