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Tales of Greenland’s Seal Hunters
Signe Rink, ed.; Torben Hutchings, trans.

International Polar Institute
2016 • 128 pp. 5 illus. 4 1/4 x 7 1/2"
Travel - Polar Regions

$19.95 Paperback, 978-0-9961938-4-9

Transcribed directly from hunters, the stories described here relate adventures in the hazardous environment of Greenland in the mid-nineteenth century

Greenlanders gained reliable social entertainment from the oral retelling of their legends. With the only printed material available at the time being of Christian origin, interest grew for Greenlandic stories, leading to the formation of Atuagagdliutit—the first, and still published, periodical in the country. The stories collected in Kayakmen originally appeared there. This text represents a firsthand account of the civilization of Greenlanders depicting a true picture of their age.

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SIGNE RINK (née Miller) was born in Greenland in 1836. At seventeen she was sent to Denmark to be educated. While there she met and married Johannes Rink, the geologist. Together they returned to Greenland and began many initiatives, including the first newspaper and in-depth studies of the Greenlandic culture. She is considered the first female interpreter of Greenlandic culture. TORBEN HUTCHINGS is part Danish and based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He gave up a career in chemistry to work as a freelance translator and run a small market stall.

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