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Five Rings
The Super Bowl History of the New England Patriots (So Far)
Jerry Thornton

2018 • 360 pp. 20 illus. 6 1/8 x 9 1/4"
Football / New England History

$27.95 Hardcover, 978-1-5126-0271-5

$22.99 Ebook, 978-1-5126-0322-4

Check your ebook retailer or local library for ebook availability.

Five rings to rule them all! A history of the modern Patriots as seen through the lens of their Super Bowl games, by the bestselling author of From Darkness to Dynasty

Since 2001 the Patriots have played in eight Super Bowl championships and won five, a run of excellence unparalleled in all of professional sports. In a league designed to ensure that no one franchise can dominate over time, New England won for over a decade and a half. A dynasty that began with an improbable run to a championship in 2001 has rebuilt, rebooted, and retooled several times over, winning most recently in 2017. But during those years, no other franchise reached the same level of controversy, drama, and turmoil—or even came close.

Jerry Thornton, bestselling author of From Darkness to Dynasty, provides an all-access pass to the Patriots’ years of unparalleled greatness from the unique perspective of an observant, obsessive, utterly dedicated fan.

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Reviews / Endorsements

“Jerry does not deny his Patriots fandom. His ability to take a step back and have a realistic, in-depth look at both the wins and losses is what sets him apart. This book will tell you why the Patriots are able to sustain success and also point out the few missteps over the last fifteen years. You don’t need to be a Patriots fan to enjoy Five Rings.”—AJ Hawk, Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl XLV champion

“Jerry’s passion for the Patriots, and his knack for capturing the story with both great detail and humor, make him the perfect person to capture the history of the organization in a way that has never been done before. From Boston to Foxboro, and from Boston to the Bay State to the New England Patriots, Jerry is bringing to life many of the tales that make the franchise one of the most compelling stories in all of sports—in a way that only he can.”—Mike Reiss, ESPN staff writer and coauthor with Troy Brown of Patriot Pride: My Life in the New England Dynasty

“As a Jets fan, the last fifteen-plus years have been a living hell, being in the shadow of the Patriots. It’s been a living hell not because of guys like Tom Brady or Bill Belichick, but because of guys like Jerry Thornton. Thornton is the quintessential Patriots fan, with the cockiness and swagger of an actual member of this dynasty. He has been talking trash and jamming it down my throat for almost two decades now, so I can’t imagine there is anybody better at embodying the unprecedented run this fan base has enjoyed over the course of eight Super Bowl appearances.”
—Kevin “KFC” Clancy, Barstool Sports

“Jerry has done a great job capturing the details and emotions of the Patriots’ five championship seasons. It has been an honor to be on two of those teams. I hope we can add a couple more chapters to the book.”—Julian Edelman, New England Patriots

Jerry Thornton writes daily for Barstool Sports and co-hosts their NFL podcast, Laces Out. He’s a stand-up comic working clubs all over the Northeast and the author of From Darkness to Dynasty: The First 40 Years of the New England Patriots. Jerry is the former co-host of WEEI sports radio’s Dale and Holley with Thornton and NBC Sports Boston’s Patriots pregame show. He appears in HBO’s Emmy-winning Red Sox documentary Reverse the Curse of the Bambino as well as the Deflategate film Four Games in Fall. And you can catch him in the popular web video series Sh*t Pats Fans Say.

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