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Yardbird Suite
A Compendium of the Music and Life of Charlie Parker
Lawrence O. Koch

1999 • 416 pp. 6 x 9"
Biography - Musicians & Composers / Jazz

$29.95 Paperback, 978-1-55553-384-7

Newly revised, this musical, discographical, and biographical analysis examines the evolution of Parker's innovative music

Bebop saxophonist Charlie "Yardbird" Parker (1920-1955), a man of extremes in his personal life, was a disciplined musical genius who expanded and transformed the boundaries of jazz.

Richly illustrated with extensive musical notations, this in-depth study of hundreds of works in the Parker discography takes into account newly discovered recordings and CD reissues. Koch meticulously documents each recording session and provides an array of musical details on theme structure, key, chords, distinguishing phrases, and performance format. Comprehensive biographical material -- including the "Bird stories" of Parker's eccentric behavior, sexual appetite, drug addiction, and compulsive drinking -- is interwoven with the musical analysis to fully illuminate both the man and the musician.

This volume will appeal to Bird fans, jazz buffs, and musicologists alike, and it will make an essential companion for listeners of Charlie Parker's superb recordings.

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