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Our Lives, Our Fortunes
Continuing the Account of the Life and Times of Geoffrey Frost, Mariner, of Portsmouth, in New Hampshire, as Faithfully Translated from the Ming Tsun Chronicles and Diligently Compared with other Contemporary Histories
J. E. Fender

Hardscrabble Books–Fiction of New England

2004 • 322 pp. 5 x 8 1/4"
Nautical Fiction

$15.95 Paperback, 978-1-58465-546-6
$9.99 Ebook, 978-1-58465-888-7

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Some of the most enjoyable creations in Our Lives, Our Fortunes are the characters of men who have, to us, become mythic—men like Alexander Hamilton, Henry Knox, and great... [continued in Reviews below]”—The Times Argus (VT)

Geoffrey Frost participates in a key battle of the American Revolution in the latest installment of the Frost Saga

After a daring attack on the British collier fleet in the mouth of the Tyne River, Geoffrey Frost, merchant mariner turned reluctant privateer, returns to Portsmouth, New Hampshire in November 1776. There he learns that the war for independence has not gone well for the colonies. George Washington has been dislodged from New York, and the remnants of the Continental Army are being pursued across New Jersey by the British.

Knowing that the food and gunpowder he has captured from British supply ships are badly needed by the army, Frost resolves to carry the supplies to Washington. But the Royal Navy controls the coast from New York to the Chesapeake, so Frost must organize a complex and dangerous overland mission. Despite opposition from both loyalist militia and British patrols, the reluctance of his hastily conscripted army of teamsters, and the challenges of travel in the dead of winter, Frost wins through to the Continental Army in late December.

With his soldiers fed and their ammunition replenished, Washington leads a daring and brilliant night-time crossing of the Delaware River, and Frost and his men join the Continental Army in their surprise attack on the British at Trenton. With the timely assistance of Geoffrey Frost, Washington wins a victory that breathes new life into the Americans' resolve to win their independence.

Reviews / Endorsements

“Some of the most enjoyable creations in Our Lives, Our Fortunes are the characters of men who have, to us, become mythic—men like Alexander Hamilton, Henry Knox, and great Washington himself. Novelist Fender allows Frost to report on the crafters of the Constitution through the eyes of a practical, well traveled, disenchanted businessman who bears the brunt of the Revolution in his purse and his person. Fender reminds us that the images of the men on our currency were at one time just men, doing their best in trying times. I’m itching for the next Frost book!”The Times Argus (VT)

“There’s something pleasingly old-fashioned about [Fender’s books] that does not arise solely out of the fact that they are set during the Revolution . . . These are not books for cynics or skeptics, even if Fender does toss in a little rebelliousness now and then. Most importantly, they answer the reader’s hunger for a good story.”—Valley News (NH)

“Vivid and exciting... graphic and thrilling... This is superb historical fiction, made all the better by Fender’s skillful use of dialogue, suspense, and accurate historical description.”—The Times Record

“Exquisitely written and overflowing with the stuff of life.”Lawyers Journal, Massachusetts Bar Association

“We early discoverers of Patrick O’Brian who anxiously awaited each new book in the series have felt bereft since his pen was stilled. J. E. Fender has come to our rescue. His novels provide a fine American counterpoint to the Aubrey-Maturin saga. The Frost saga shows a mastery of technical and historical detail with the published storytelling of a superb literary talent.”—J. F. Lehman, former Secretary of the Navy and author of Command of the Seas and On Seas of Glory

Author Photo

J. E. FENDER is legal counsel for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the U.S. Navy’s oldest shipyard. He is author of two previous volumes of the Frost Saga: The Private Revolution of Geoffrey Frost and Audacity, Privateer Out of Portsmouth. More information about the series is available at

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