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Robert Frost’s New England
Betsy Melvin, Tom Melvin; Jay Parini, fwd.

2000 • 80 pp. 39 color photos. graphs. 8 1/2 x 11"
Photography / Poetry

$22.95 Hardcover, 978-1-58465-067-6

For sale in the US and its dependencies only

"A lovely idea, this book matches Frost's poems with striking color views of the landscapes among which he lived. You can read 'Mending Wall' and on the facing page actually see the 'upper boulders' tumbling down." —Parade Magazine

Inspired by the writings of Robert Frost, professional photographers Betsy and Tom Melvin present beautiful, and sometimes poignant, scenes of the New England landscape

"A happy and unexpected coordination of images, linguistic and photographic." -- Jay Parini

Inspired by the writings of Robert Frost and his view of man and the natural world, professional photographers Betsy and Tom Melvin present beautiful, and sometimes poignant, scenes of the New England landscape in some of its many moods and seasons.

Each full-page color photograph is accompanied by a poem, verse, or phrase from Frost which, though often familiar, may provoke us to savor the New England environment anew. The imaginative pairing of photographs and text also conjures up some of the same ambiguity, profundity, and freshness continually offered in Frost's poems.

Reviews / Endorsements

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Robert Frost's New England, with color photographs by Betsy and Tom Melvin, should be valued at nearly a million."—Publishers Weekly

"This is a lovely coffee table or gift book . . . Beautiful pictures combined with Frost's timeless poetry make for a pleasant celebration of place."—Concord (NH) Monitor

From the Book:

From the Foreword --

"'Image and after-image are all there is to poetry,' Robert Frost once said. The comment suggests that he would have appreciated this gathering of photographs by Betsy and Tom Melvin. They have caught, as if seized by a parallel force, the imagery of Frost's rural New England, a landscape that exists more completely in the imagination of the poet or photographer than anywhere that could be found on a map . . . As anyone leafing through this volume will notice, Frost's vision inspired the Melvins, who have a gift for prizing and delimiting the ideal image, whether it be a leafless tree against a bare sky, a sloping dune of snow, a field of wildflowers, or a pathless wood. These photo-graphs are a testament to the artists' power of delimiting; that is, the artists have found their proper subject, the image, separating each pictorial unit from the surrounding visual clutter."

BETSY and TOM MELVIN own and run the Artistic Alliance Gallery in Essex Center, Vermont, in which they exhibit and sell their photographs. They are well-known studio and nature photographers, and authors of the best-selling book of photographs Robert Frost Country.

A prolific poet, novelist, and critic, JAY PARINI's recent books include the widely-reviewed Robert Frost: A Life and House of Days: Poems.

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