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Lichens above Treeline
A Hiker’s Guide to Alpine Zone Lichens of the Northeastern United States
Ralph Pope

2005 • 88 pp. 103 color illus. 11 drawings. 1 map. 5 1/4 x 8"
Ecology & Environmental Studies

$15.95 Paperback, 978-1-58465-402-5

"An exceptionally easy to use and well illustrated guide to the dominant life forms of the alpine zone. . .This handy guide belongs in the backpack of anyone curious about these beautiful and tenacious organisms."Northeastern Naturalist

The perfect hiker’s companion for any naturalist interested in the lichens of the northeastern mountaintops

This is the first guide to identifying the lichen species that grow in the White Mountains, Green Mountains, Adirondacks, and nearby alpine and rugged coastal environments. Based on extensive field work and research, the book explains the fascinating biology of lichens, which thrive where other plants can’t survive, and provides full-color magnified photographs, a color bar for identification, scientific and common names, descriptive notes and information on growth forms, substrate, reproduction and comparisons to similar species, as well as references, a glossary, and a bibliography.

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Reviews / Endorsements

“Using and perusing this guide in the field should provide even the most casual alpine hiker with an enhanced appreciation of the beauty, form, color and ubiquity of this unique and ecologically important group of organisms. If I were to hike the expanses of alpine country, this nicely conceived and produced field guide would be in a readily accessible pocket of my knapsack.”Newsletter of Botanical Club of Cape Cod and the Islands

"Hikers will find a new vista in this glossy, heavily illustrated book. Sure, from the top of Mount Washington, you can see four states, Canada and the Atlantic Ocean. But at your feet grows another world: the small but mighty lichen."—Concord Monitor

“A detailed, color field guide of lichens growing in the White and Green mountains, the Adirondacks and the mountains of Maine.” Portland Press Herald

“A beautifully illustrated and practical guide to the alpine lichens . . . Worth the carry for climbers and hikers heading for the hills.” —Irwin Brodo, Lichenologist at the Canadian Museum of Nature, and author of The Lichens of North America

“At last, a well-illustrated field guide to the alpine lichens of the Northeast, complete enough to cover the species most likely to be noticed, but lightweight enough to justify lugging up the mountain.” Jim Hinds, Lichenologist and Alpine Zone Ecologist, Orono, Maine

RALPH POPE is an adjunct professor of Northeastern flora at Antioch New England Graduate School in Keene, N.H., where he also earned his M.S. in Environmental Studies.

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