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Ten Days of Birthright Israel
A Journey in Young Adult Identity
Leonard Saxe, Barry Chazan

Brandeis Series in American Jewish History, Culture, and Life

2008 • 256 pp. 15 charts/graphs 6 x 9"
Education / Psychology & Psychiatry / Jewish Studies

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“The book is a success. . . . Recommended.”—Choice

The remarkable story of Birthright Israel, an intensive ten-day educational program designed to connect Jewish young adults to their heritage

Since 2000, nearly one hundred fifty thousand young adult Jews have participated in Birthright Israel, conceived to curb assimilation by shifting an entire generation of Diaspora Jews from a trajectory of noninvolvement with the Jewish community to one of identity and engagement. birthright israel is a free ten-day educational experience available to any young adult Jew between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six. Most of those who have received the “gift” to reconnect with their heritage have been from North America and demand for the program has far exceeded available slots. Dozens of organizations served as trip sponsors, from campus-based Hillels, to youth movements, to private educational tour companies. Each group implemented a carefully planned model of experiential education that involved exposure to ancient and modern history, as well as to the people of Israel. Key to the program is participation of Israeli peers who spend half or more of the trip with their Diaspora counterparts.

Although Birthright Israel’s focus is parochial, with an emphasis on Jewish identity, the program provides a fascinating social laboratory in which to understand young adults’ religious/ethnic identity and the impact of educational experiences. As a study of ethnic identity formation in postmodern society, it illuminates important lessons about how intensive exposure to one’s heritage can be a catalyst for identity formation, as well as how educational programs can be made more engaging and effective.

With Leonard Saxe and Barry Chazan serving as tour guides and interpreters, this story and analysis of Birthright Israel unfolds in ten chapters that parallel the ten days of the trip. This structure showcases the experiences of the participants, bringing them vividly to life, and shows how the program’s effects may well last far beyond the time they spend together in Israel.

Also by Leonard Saxe: “How Goodly Are Thy Tents.”

Reviews / Endorsements

“Readers will come away feeling that those parts of this book that are devoted to portraits of the participants in all aspects of Birthright Israel and what happens to them are enlightening and worthy of attention. Those who are unfamiliar with the program will be enriched by reading about this bold effort to insure Jewish continuity.”—Jerusalem Post

[Ten Days of Birthright Israel] is pleasurable to read and highly recommended to those interested in a synthesis of the ambitious research into this impressive educational effort. It is to be hoped that this valuable evaluation will continue to track this program and its long-term sociological and pedagogical impact will be assessed.”—American Jewish History

“[Saxe and Chazan] provide an informative insiders’ account of how Birthright has become an agency that works with 30 different organizations to design and administer trips tailored to different types of young Jews (religious, secular, LGBT, environmentalist, etc.) from 56 countries.”Jewish Book Review

“The greatest strength of the book lies in its grounding of the program in an educational philosophy emphasizing multi-sensory experience, peer-group creation, and “doing things Jewish” as the means of internalizing educational messages and fostering community ties and individual growth. . . . Behind-the- scenes accounts of the structuring of the Birthright trip offer a broad and vividly rendered context of educational goals and Jewish communal politics.”—
Studies in Contemporary Jewry

Ten Days of Birthright Israel is among the most informative and best-written works of Jewish social research that I have ever read. A wonderful book about a wonderful program.”—Jonathan D. Sarna, Joseph H. & Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History, Brandeis University, and author of American Judaism: A History

Ten Days of Birthright Israel takes the reader on an amazing journey that is at once about identity formation in young Jewish adults and about a great adventure in Jewish philanthropy. Fascinating, inspiring, and reassuring for anyone interested in the future of the Jewish people.”—Martin Indyk, former United States Ambassador to Israel

“This is an exceptionally well written and researched account of a great idea. I applaud the book’s ability to create a commitment to Israel and to fire up enthusiasm of young people about their history, the land of Israel and their place and duty in defending it. This book is excellent for discussion leaders; and hopefully the participants will stay in touch with each other and—who knows—fall in love, marry, have babies and so contribute to the future of the Jewish people!”—Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer, Professor at New York University, Lecturer at Princeton and Yale Universities

“By now, lots of people know that Birthright Israel works. But this book tells us how and why. Len Saxe and Barry Chazan offer a beautifully written narrative that explains how Israel is being turned into a series of educational opportunities for young Jewish adults from all over the world in conversation with their Israeli counterparts. A must read for anyone involved in education or in explorations of Jewish identity.”—Shulamit Reinharz

Author Photo

LEONARD SAXE is Professor of Jewish Community Research and Social Policy at Brandeis University and co-author of “How Goodly are thy Tents”: Summer Camps as Jewish Socializing Experiences (Brandeis, 2003). BARRY CHAZAN is Professor of Jewish Education at Spertus College and Professor of Education Emeritus at Hebrew University. He was the chief architect of Birthright Israel’s educational curriculum.

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