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Biomedical Ethics
A Multidisciplinary Approach to Moral Issues in Medicine and Biology
David Steinberg, ed.

2007 • 346 pp. 1 B&W 6 x 9"
Medicine & Public Health / Medical Ethics

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Biomedical Ethics is a highly readable survey of contemporary thought on a wide range of challenging moral issues confronted by physicians and other health care workers and is highly recommended.”—The American Journal of Psychiatry

An anthology of succinct and accessible articles on the most important ethical issues confronting health care and the biological sciences today

Today’s complex set of moral issues involving medical research, health care, and the biological sciences can best be understood through the diverse perspectives of healthcare-providers, scientists, and others who have a vital stake in the field. Culled from the pages of the groundbreaking journal, Lahey Clinic Medical Ethics, this book offers students, healthcare professionals, and the general public insights into key ethical concepts and their practical applications through the writings of physicians, philosophers, theologians, nurses, humanists, anthropologists, psychologists, historians, policy experts, lawyers, and others.

The collection includes introductory articles by the editor, Dr. David Steinberg, that put into context the contributions by such noted experts as Jerome Kagan, Laurie Zoloth, Stuart Youngner, Daniel Callahan, Albert Jonson, George Annas, Dan Brock, Bernard Gert, Daniel Dennett, Peter Singer, Alexander Morgan Capron, and Robert Veatch. The volume includes discussions of bioethical challenges in the clinical arena; ethical challenges associated with advances in biotechnology, genetics, and reproductive medicine; legal perspectives; physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia; health policy and distributive justice; the experience of illness, and many more critical issues. Commentary on such issues from a broad range of perspectives—including debates among proponents of clashing viewpoints—adds to the book’s richness, texture, and depth.

Biomedical Ethics is an essential volume for professional schools of medicine, law, nursing, medical technology, social work, and healthcare administration, and it is an excellent supplemental text for ethics courses in philosophy, religion, sociology, and public policy.

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Reviews / Endorsements

“Reading ethical analyses one is certainly accustomed to the critics of irregularities, abuses and unacceptable phenomena of clinical practice but in this book we can find more: attempts to reflect on limits, failures and irresolvable conflicts in methods of bioethics itself. Questions like 'Is bioethics able to analyze problems in our culturally diverse societies, or those of novel technologies?' have importance in the book. This honest approach is a great strength of the book. This well written and well argued intellectual endeavor in medicine and biology is recommended to those who do not need systematic introduction to bioethical issues but want to have a wide picture on what is present bioethics about.”—Metapsychology online reviews

. . The book is a satisfying read that presents many different complex ethical problems in an engaging manner.”Journal of the American Medical Association

“Dr. David Steinberg has for many years edited one of the most illuminating and useful journals on medical ethics. From that work he has drawn forth a splendid book. It has four virtues: it touches on just about every important issue in bioethics; it is wonderfully readable; he has enlisted almost everyone of importance to write for him; and, most mercifully, the articles and case comments are short and to the point. That adds up to a fine and valuable book.”—Daniel Callahan, Director,International Program, The Hastings Center

“An attractive collage of trenchant bioethics commentaries that provides a concise and authoritative entryway into many of the major clinical ethics debates of our day.”—George J. Annas, chair, Department of Health Law, Bioethics & Human Rights, Boston University School of Public Health, and author of American Bioethics

Author Photo

DAVID STEINBERG, M.D. is Director of the Section of Medical Ethics at Lahey Clinic Medical Center in Burlington, Massachusetts, where he practices hematology. He is editor of the journal, Lahey Clinic Medical Ethics, and is Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

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