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A Master Class
Sensational Recipes from the Chefs of the New England Culinary Institute and Ellen Michaud
Chefs of the New England Culinary Institute; Ellen Michaud, ed.

2008 • 292 pp. 38 illus. (24 color) 8 x 10"
Cooking & Dining

$19.95 Hardcover, 978-1-58465-680-7

Named 1 of the top 10 cookbooks of 2008—NPR

The award-winning Vermont cooking school brings its commitment to taste, flavor, and contemporary, sustainable cuisine to the home kitchen

A Master Class features over 200 luscious recipes created by the celebrated chefs of the New England Culinary Institute, converted for home use and presented along with suggestions for finishing touches, presentation, wine or beverage pairings, and chef’s notes. As American consumers begin to understand the shortcomings of the nation’s agricultural practices, NECI’s chefs develop a magnificent cuisine that pays tribute to the farmer, the food, and the seasons. Ellen Michaud sums up the NECI cooking and dining philosophy: the key, she writes, is “fresh ingredients sustainably sourced and purchased in season from local sources. The less time from field to mouth, farm to mouth, or sea to mouth, the better. The flavors will be intense, subtle, unexpected, classic, and every gradation in between. And because they’re grown with an eye toward making sure the source from which they came will be enriched rather than depleted by their cultivation, those same incredible flavors will be available during the next growing season and the next.” From maple syrup and lamb dishes in the spring to piping hot après-ski casseroles in the winter, A Master Class delivers the flavors, textures, colors, nourishment, and delights of cooking the NECI way. Color illustrations showcase many mouth-watering dishes that will tempt you into the kitchen and draw you and yours to the dinner table to savor “Tomato Fennel Salad,” “Rack of Lamb with Aged Balsamic,” “Shrimp in Spicy Carrot Sauce with Linguine,” and, if you have any room left, “Caramel-Apple Tarte Tatin.” Bon appétit!

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Reviews / Endorsements

“This collection of recipes from Vermont's New England Culinary Institute takes its inspiration from the four seasons, which in that region offer some marked extremes. Although recipes stress today's lighter and more environmentally aware cooking, classic New England favorites still survive, albeit in new and unfamiliar guises. Bright red and green sauce crowns fresh oysters for the Christmas holiday. Maple syrup sweetens baked beans. A biscuit crust blankets rich lobsterpot pie. In a remarkable juxtaposition of flavors, lamb cutlets find themselves accompanied by a coffee-based sauce with cardamom, allspice, and dates. New England cooking has adapted to a new wave of immigrants: crab, shrimp, and scallops combine with melted cheese in a decidedly international New England quesadilla.”Booklist

"From the tips to the precise measurements and instructions, you really do get the sense that you're in a class, learning to cook the classic way (which is how you learn to improvise your own way). And when this school work seems daunting, just turn to the lick-the-page luscious pictures of flourless chocolate cake or lavender-roasted venison with sherry to remind yourself of the benefits of learning."Hippo Press

"A Master Class is a testament to eating locally and celebrating each season through the flavors of the foods available at that time . . . While the book will be a comfort to New England-philes who will enjoy the essays about each season that are scattered throughout the book, "A Master Class" does not limit itself to that region."Centre Daily Times, Centre, PA

“A perfect balance of passion and practical, the chef-instructors of New England Culinary Institute and Ellen Michaud have outdone themselves in this tribute to one of the United States’ most treasured food regions. I can almost taste Vermont just by reading the stories, but am thrilled to have recipes to fall back on when the craving for the state must be tamed.”—Sue Hoss, Managing Editor, Cuisine at Home Magazine

“Cooking is a little like architecture. Once you've developed a sound foundation, what you build on it is limited only by your imagination. A Master Class brings you the basics, to be sure, but it also conveys an understanding of the meaning of food through the seasons and in each of our lives, as well as an understanding of the importance of heirloom varieties and heritage breeds. To cook is to express love and respect, and the New England Culinary Institute has understood that from the beginning.”—Chef Kurt Michael Friese, author of A Cook's Journey: Slow Food in the Heartland


Winner of the Best Cookbook Award in the New England Book Festival (2008)

Contributors are the award-winning chefs of the NEW ENGLAND CULINARY INSTITUTE, including French Master Chef Michel LeBorgne, M.C.F., NECI’s head of culinary affairs, and Gavin Kaysen, one of Food and Wine magazine’s 2007 “Best New Chefs.” Vermont author ELLEN MICHAUD has written for such magazines as Better Homes and Gardens, Readers’ Digest, Prevention, and the New York Times.

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