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Granny D’s American Century
Doris Haddock, Dennis Michael Burke

New Hampshire
2012 • 200 pp. 2 illus. 6 1/4 x 9 1/4"
Biography - Political / 20th Century U.S. History

$27.95 Hardcover, 978-1-61168-234-2

$24.99 Ebook, 978-1-61168-235-9

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“Strikingly nonjudgmental . . . but also a vital life force, Haddock contrasts the 1920s with the early 2000s through anecdotes, as she surrounds herself with colorful artists, reformers, and struggling families in... [continued in Reviews below]”—Publishers Weekly

The life of Doris Haddock, known to millions as “Granny D,” from her young adulthood in Boston during the Great Depression to her last decade as a galvanizing figure of populist politics

With her walk across America at the age of 90, New Hampshire native Doris Haddock entered the national consciousness as “Granny D,” a candid and feisty champion of commonsense populist politics. Four years later she ran for the U.S. Senate against the usual entrenched big-party interests—and lost. In the meantime, she became a cause célèbre, and an example of the kind of politics that puts people first. Granny D’s American Century is the story of Doris Haddock both before and after these events: as a young woman whose bedrock New England values were tested during the Great Depression, and as a no-nonsense nonagenarian putting those values to work in the causes of voters’ rights, women’s rights, and campaign finance reform.

Written in a clear, unsparing prose, Granny D’s American Century is a warm reflection on a life well lived, and a clear and spirited call for virtue in American civic life.

Read about Granny D’s American Century in the Huffington Post and watch our video introduction on YouTube:

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Reviews / Endorsements

Strikingly nonjudgmental . . . but also a vital life force, Haddock contrasts the 1920s with the early 2000s through anecdotes, as she surrounds herself with colorful artists, reformers, and struggling families in both eras even as she meets with TV’s Matt Lauer and calls Jimmy Carter for a favor. Her amusing exploits in a sputtering van during a political junket highlight her faith in government’s potential to help the misfits, immigrants, and the underserved. . . . [An] entertaining historical and political memoir.” —Publishers Weekly

“Haddock’s early experiences shaped her innate sense of fairness and freedom and infused her with an intrepid belief in both herself and her country. Written with an unfettered ease (and help from her longtime coauthor Burke) that belied her 100 years, Haddock’s reflections on a life lived to the fullest are a galvanizing and gratifying portrait of a true public servant.”—Booklist

“What exactly was this woman made of? She and co-author Dennis MichaelBurke answer some of these questions in her friendly, next-door-neighbor book Granny D’s American Century.”—Keene Sentinel

“Doris Haddock is a true patriot, and our nation has been blessed by her remarkable life. Her story will entertain, inform, and inspire people of all ages for generations to come.”—President Jimmy Carter

“[Granny D] proved . . . that she was so tough you could whittle with her!”—Rachel Maddow

“I believe she represents all that is good in America. She has taken up this struggle to clean up American politics. . . . Granny D, you exceed any small, modest contributions those of us who have labored in the vineyards of reform have made to this Earth. We are grateful for you.”—U.S. Senator John McCain

“Granny D has proved that one person can make a difference.”—Ralph Nader

A lifelong resident of New Hampshire, DORIS “GRANNY D” HADDOCK is the subject of the documentary film Run, Granny, Run! and the author, with DENNIS MICHAEL BURKE, of Walking Across America in My 90th Year. She died in 2010. Dennis Michael Burke, the former director of Arizona Common Cause, is a writer living in Phoenix, Arizona.

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