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50 Years of Unconventional Success, Making Quality Medicine Affordable and Accessible
John Seaman, John T. Landry

Available only as an ebook.

Mylan Publishing
2012 • 184 pp. 29 illus. (24 color) 6 x 9"
Medicine & Public Health / Pharmacology

$9.99 Ebook, 978-1-61168-270-0

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The story of Mylan, one of the world’s leading generic and specialty pharmaceutical companies

Founded in 1961 by two entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity to expand access to high-quality, affordable medicine, Mylan went on to help shape an entire industry. Countless barriers stood in the way, but Mylan’s attention to quality—and its willingness to choose paths less traveled, even after its early successes—enabled the company to overcome these obstacles.

As the industry globalized, so did Mylan. An American success story with deep roots in Morgantown, West Virginia, the company made two bold acquisitions that transformed it almost overnight into a manufacturing powerhouse with global reach and purpose.

Published in Mylan’s 50th anniversary year, this book explains how one unconventional company learned to survive and thrive in the highly regulated, hyper-competitive world of generic pharmaceuticals—and to make high-quality, affordable medicine available to people around the world.

This book will appeal to everyone interested in how the generic drug industry developed in the United States and abroad. Entrepreneurs will appreciate this case study in following the market wherever it leads, even to a place quite different from the one intended. West Virginians will be fascinated by the development of Mylan, whose Morgantown plant remains one of the largest pharmaceutical plants in the world. At a time of concern about U.S. manufacturing, here is a striking American success story.

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JOHN SEAMAN, a partner of The Winthrop Group, is a professional historian and writer. He is the author or coauthor of numerous books and articles, including the official history of a global management consulting firm and a biography of the British politician and diplomat James Bryce, entitled A Citizen of the World. JOHN T. LANDRY, a senior consultant with The Winthrop Group, is a writer on management and business and a contributing editor for Harvard Business Review. He is the coauthor of From the Rivers: A History of the New England Electric System.

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