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Each Thing Unblurred is Broken
Andrea Baker

2015 • 96 pp. 6 x 9"
Poetry - American / Poetry - Women Authors

$17.95 Paperback, 978-1-63243-008-3

“Baker’s liberal use of white space and puzzling titles (“Debtor to the Promise,” “What Owns My Demand”) suggest that her mysteries are less the secrets of the soul than a sense of the landscape, an ecological vision to replace faiths that we no longer entertain." —Publishers Weekly

Stark lyric poems that outline the fragility of perception and the obstinacy of being

This is a book about deciding not to die—about the obstinacy of being. And it’s a book of craft, in which steadiness of presence generates the illumination that flickers through states darkened by steady crisis. The world is blurred, not broken. And a lyric I comes to rest in the world.

Reviews / Endorsements

“We're all looking for transcendence, but award-winning poet Baker hints that it's not to be. We're grounded firmly in a world that's obdurately there, indifferent..., and nature itself can't shrug off what it is (reeds in a pond "struggle to cast their form aside"). In the telling opening poem, a black finch sitting on a black branch "proposes himself as the first form," then... fails, and becomes "an aspect of the branch." But his mind is like "a birth of flies/ before the dawn," and in that surging physicality lies holiness... VERDICT Not pretty-picture poems but tough and true."”—Library Journal

“Baker’s poems are painstakingly precise, exploring the use of fragment, voice, character and allusion, and constructing something very specific out of the scattered parts.”—Rob McLennan

“Andrea Baker’s “Each Thing Unblurred Is Broken” is a wise and humane collection that makes visible the daunting apparatus of human perception. Read this book, and see the world with fresh eyes.”—Sonja James, The Journal

“To persist in faith is to accomplish the full journey from Resolve to Devotion. And we must know Devotion sees this vivid world with new eyes, always. In these latest poems, Andrea Baker shows a gaze for gardens, a gaze for catastrophe, a gaze for everlasting. Here is greatness coming into view.”—Donald Revell, author of Tantivy

ANDREA BAKER is the author of Famous Rapes (Water Street Press, 2015), a paper and packing tape constructed not-quite-graphic-novel about the depiction of sexual assault from Mesopotamia to the present day. She has been a Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellow, and in 2005 she was awarded the Slope Editions Book Prize for Like Wind Loves a Window. Her recent work has appeared in Denver Quarterly, Fence, Pleiades, The Rumpus, Tin House, and Typo. It has also been anthologized in Family Resemblance: An Anthology of Eight Hybrid Literary Genres (Rose Metal Press, 2015), Verse Daily, and Broken Land: Poems of Brooklyn (New York University Press, 2007). In addition to her work on the page, she is a subject in the documentary, A Rubberband is an Unlikely Instrument. She works as an appraiser of arts and antiques in New York City.

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