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Cassandra Smith

2015 • 96 pp. 6 x 9"
Poetry - American / Poetry - Women Authors

$17.95 Paperback, 978-1-63243-010-6

“In a terse yet tender full-length debut, Smith examines the kind of shared language that is created when two people spend extensive periods of time being together.” —Publishers Weekly

A debut poetry collection that meditates on imagination and existence

u&i is a meditation on the imaginary—what exists and what doesn’t, how does something exist when it knows it is imaginary, how is it to be reckoned with. u&i asks what exists when a book is written. u&i is telling a story to the things that are actual loss. Things that are gone become further proof of existence and not. u&i asks what are the can and can’t of existence, as well as the cant of existence—the domestic and repeating cant, as things circle themselves until they think they exist a little more. There is, in u&i, cant as incantation.

Reviews / Endorsements

“In Smith’s skillful hands, the poem becomes a locus for dialogue, authorship being merely an ongoing process of curation.”—Christina Marie Darling, Best American Poetry

“Smith cultivates a sensitive expression of human needs and desire; carnality and social experience are the vantage points by which these poems find orientation.”—Pablo Lopez, Jacket2

“To read u&i, Cassandra Smith’s frustratingly gorgeous and gorgeously frustrating full-length collection of poetry, is to be immersed in an experience that changes you.”—Emma Bolden, Tupelo Quarterly

“Cassandra Smith creates a work that is of rare singular focus reminiscent of Roland Barthes’s A Lover’s Discourse. I remember my first reading of his book as a college student, finding myself both witnessing and being inside of love and of the book. I was in love with not a person but rather an idea, a concept, an inquiry of love itself. How did I find myself here again at 45 years of age? I am elated, grateful and perhaps even stricken for having read, for having received the gift of u&i. Beautifully written and contemplative, I cannot help but feel a sense of devastation upon arriving as a reader.”—Truong Tran, author of Four Letter Words

CASSANDRA SMITH is a poet and visual artist. She has exhibited her book and photography installations in Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, Chicago, and Memphis. You can visit her website at

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