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Every Day but Tuesday
Barbara Claire Freeman; Charles Altieri, intro.

2015 • 96 pp. 6 x 9"
Poetry - American / Poetry - Women Authors

$17.95 Paperback, 978-1-63243-011-3

“These poems are clean and discriminating, revealing a poet concerned with the tension of the line, the tension of silence, and the pursuit of something beyond epiphany, something closer to truth."—Publishers Weekly

Lyric experiments that probe the paradoxes of language and inquiry

Every Day But Tuesday is a book of lyric experiments amassed from a space beyond ordinary time, where “this is tomorrow and the sun” stands, reverberating both as precursor and postscript to the apocalypse. The extraordinary world of these poems, coming from the sea, forests, islands, mountains, and rivers, form an utterly new logic of sound patterning and metric sense-making, colliding a series of gorgeous associations with a suite of prepositions forever reconfiguring.

Reviews / Endorsements

“The figures traversing Freeman’s obscure, elemental landscapes are colonists and captives, castaways and survivors, sovereigns and those who use the service entrance. As per its title [Every Day But Tuesday], Freeman’s bracing book troubleshoots the broken circuit of time in our time, compelled by the precarious hope that our “present / soon-to-be outsourced” might nonetheless manufacture a worthy future here at home. Her nervous hum is “a song in the form of a question.”
—Andrew Zawacki,
Boston Review Micro-Review

Every Day But Tuesday offers the intricate suggestiveness of Symboliste poetry in the straightforward musical language of objectivists like Lorine Neidecker. Here the actual object is the material forces allowing us to feel the weight of a fluid world finding complex substance through mobilizing all the resources of grammar. The result is a sensual volubility treating as a cause of satisfaction the realization that objects cannot satisfy the hungers of mind.”—Charles Altieri, Rachel Stageberg Anderson Chair, University of California, author of Wallace Stevens and the Demands of Modernity: Toward a Phenomenology of Value

BARBARA CLAIRE FREEMAN is a literary critic and professor of literature who has recently turned her full attention to writing poetry. She is the author of The Feminine Sublime: Gender and Excess in Women’s Fiction (University of California Press), among many other works of literary theory and criticism. Formerly an Associate Professor of English at Harvard, she teaches creative writing and poetics in the Rhetoric Department at UC Berkeley. Incivilities, her first collection of poems, was published by Counterpath Press in 2009; a chapbook, St. Ursula's Silence, published by Instance Press in 2010. Selections from these collections won the Boston Review/Discovery Prize and the Campbell Corner Prize (Sarah Lawrence College).

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