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Stephen Berg

Four Way
1998 • 128 pp. 6 x 9"

$12.95 Paperback, 978-1-884800-14-6
$23.95 Hardcover, 978-1-884800-17-7

Reviews / Endorsements

". . .Stephen Berg's Shaving is the first book of prose poems I have read that has made me re-examine the function and power of that branch of our poetry. It is a book of strenuous and often dangerous self-witness; an astounding overview of American urban life at the apex and turning point of a major civilization. . .most importantly, it is brilliantly written. . .In reading Berg you will be reading the master of the prose poem."—Jorie Graham

From the Book:


It comes back often when it snows or when it's cold--the cheap
marbleized shiny deep blue linoleum "rug" my folks bought for my
bedroom instead of a wool rug, two wide yellow and red bands about
an inch apart decorating the edge, which almost touched the walls. It
never seemed clean because, when the dawn sun slanted across it
so it glowed, you'd see dust, the gauziest layer, you could always pick
out scuffs and smears dulling the waxed surface. I never could get
used to it. It was scary at night, like having heaven for the floor or your
own room. Isn't that crazy?...

Founder and co-editor of The American Poetry Review, STEPHAN BERG has written and published numerous books of poetry and translations. He has received Guggenheim, NEA, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller, Dietrich, and Pew Fellowships, as well as Poetry magazine's Frank O'Hara Memorial Prize.

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