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Shade 2004
David Dodd Lee

Four Way
2003 • 276 pp. 6 x 9 1/4"

$23.95 Paperback, 978-1-884800-50-4

Shade 2004 is the first of a yearly anthology of new poetry and fiction representing some of America’s most revered voices alongside emerging writers from around the country. Here east coast meets west coast and the Great Lakes meet the Gulf in a collection favoring no single aesthetic, while gathering lively, accessible poetry and fiction. Contributors include Michael Burkard, Tina Chang, Jim Daniels, Nancy Eimers, Judith Hall, Mark Halliday, Forrest Hamer, Terrance Hayes, Brian Henry, Bob Hicok, Ted Kooser, Pablo Medina, William Olsen, Kevin Prufer, David Rivard, Mary Ruefle, Hugh Seidman and Maura Stanton among others. For college level and up.

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From the Book:

I's just calling to check in.
Do I still have to check in?
Maybe this time I'll scoot past the manager,
Slip a five to the Dick
In the phone booth,
Stick a fat book in the fire door.
or I'll sing a lease on a six-room apartment.
I'll buy a house that overlooks the Hudson.
Mort and the guys
Are coming over Tuesday
To pur a foundation for the outdoor patio.
better watch your step.
I've been missing you all of these hours.
My love for you is red-hot.
That span between "Hey" and "Good-Bye"
Was an elm Tree
Burned to an ash-heap,
A sign blinking open and opening.
My love for you is the hotel register
Opened to the thirtieth page
Swimming with brown and bluw ink.
My love for you is an overheated pool
And a swollen movie magazine.
My love for you is five o'clock in the morning,
My love for you is five o'clock
In the morning, two sheets
Of paper crumpled at the bottom of the can.
Someone left a bathing suit on the hook.
The air conditioner is turned up to hihg.
A car is pulling away from a door left wide open.

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