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Day Mark
Lee Briccetti

Four Way
2005 • 106 pp. 6 x 9 1/4"

$14.95 Paperback, 978-1-884800-67-2

Lee Briccetti is the daughter of Keats, of Maria Callas, of a mother who read to her first in Italy, and then in America. She is both schooled and artisan-like as a maker of poems and also a bit of a provocateuse, an experimentalist. In her company we maneuver alongside of someone full of wisdom and experience who is nonetheless continually curious, thirsty, lusty, out on a limb in search of more knowledge, more understanding, and more visionary ecstasy.

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Reviews / Endorsements

“Lee Briccetti's poems have humor, wit, and quickness of empathy and imagination, as she 'unmakes and unmakes' such things as charm and force of personality, to consider questions of character. Her thought moves back and forth in time and between two cities, '(psyches) of visible history,' New York and Rome, and gravely accompanies us, wishing to lead wisely, failing, into our Western night.” —Jean Valentine

From the Book:

This isn't a room, it's the glittering of space where
cosmonauts see earth like a blue eye, cosmonauts
who deride their merican colleagues' poor Russian
in a metal egg civilization buil for elemental space
which is empty, unempty, like the breath of a syllable, tongue on the teeth,
like the brai in its skull, and real as the afterbirth, amen, as the aline bluebells
on the bridle path of Bashkir are real and emptied of sound.
The sun crosses over birdless tundra
and a mountain volve dimples the rass, losing itself like a hisker.
The spider's taut strands pull down condensation in beads.
Condensation is real and father and mother, and human couplings in moaning pleasure
as the cosmonauts remember, bickering amongst themselves, far from home, far from holiday dinners, and the little pickles in a special silver dish.
-from "Homesickness"

LEE BRICCETTI was born in Italy and raised in the United States. She currently lives in New York City where she has been the long-time executive director of Poets House. She has received a New York Foundation for the Arts Award for Poetry and has been a Poetry Fellow at The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Mass.

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