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Mary Ann Samyn

Inland Seas

New Issues Poetry & Prose
2005 • 73 pp. 6 x 9 3/4"

$14.00 Paperback, 978-1-930974-45-6

“Her sense of humor is evident throughout and instead of making fun of or mocking an intent, it serves to accentuate the difficulty of trying to express/communicate/illuminate anything through language.”—Anna Eyre, Traffic

Reviews / Endorsements

“The texture and shape of the world, described so vividly as to bring eyesight to the blind. And the Eliotesque mutterings, the stage whispers, the blips of the overheard and the internal musings of the mind. Here is a poetry built of sensory data so sharply honed as to make even the mundane microfibre or the quotidian stone path a journey, a finding, a deep understanding of the world. And who couldn't love a book where Doris Day and Nancy Sinatra are as essential and as mysterious as saints?”—D.A. Powell

MARY ANN SAMYN is the author of five books of poetry, most recently Beauty Breaks in (New Issues, 2009). Her work has won the Emily Dickinson Prize from the Poetry Society of America, the James Wright Poetry Award from Mid-American Review, and a Pushcart Prize. She teaches in the MFA program at West Virginia University.

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