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The Hand Upon His Head
Arthur Gregor

Sheep Meadow
2004 • 312 pp. 6 1/2 x 9"

$14.95 Paperback, 978-1-931357-16-6

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Reviews / Endorsements

"‘Spiritual’ is a word so bedraggled by abuse as to be suspect; but to apply it to Gregor’s poetry is to restore its strictest usage.... In Gregor’s work, the past is never the past; it is alive in every aspect of the poem. The danger for poetry which has a strong spiritual force at its center is that the poems may become remote from the immediate and tangible. Gregor’s most impressive accomplishment is his ability to make the spiritual intensely apprehended by the senses... the reader has a clear sense of the poet’s intention of engaging major issues.... To take on this scale of intention is to work in high altitude without a net."Josephine Jacobsen, The Nation

"For twenty years I’ve been reading Arthur Gregor’s poems with enthusiasm. What he has done is to give us, in textures and images consistently attractive, a spiritual vision of great originality. I should not care to live in a country where such poetry cannot be written."Hayden Carruth

ARTHUR GREGOR, born in Vienna, fled with his family to the United States at the outbreak of World War II, eventually settling in New York. After serving as a senior editor in the trade department of The Macmillan Company during the 1960s, he joined the English faculty at Hofstra University, where he set up Creative Writing and Publishing Studies programs and was, for seven years before his retirement in 1995, Poet-in-Residence. Since his first appearance in POETRY in 1947, for which he was awarded the magazine’s First Appearance Prize, his poems have been published widely in most of the leading outlets for poetry. For the past twenty years he has spent part of the year in France’s Loire Valley, and in 1998 moved from New York to Paris. Gregor is the author of eleven books of poetry (including Embodiment, Secret Citizen, and That Other Side of Things), a memoir, three children’s books, and three plays.

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