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Let the Words
Yona Wallach; Linda Stern Zisquit, trans.; Aharon Shabtai, intro.

Sheep Meadow
2006 • 180 pp. 6 x 9"

$17.95 Paperback, 978-1-931357-34-0

Reviews / Endorsements

“The word 'fascist' inevitably gives rise to repulsive associations, but I say–if one wants to exist in the spiritual sense, not only as a false self, a 'good child'–one has to discover the fascist within oneself and use it as a kind of resource. This is our one true natural resource, and this is the gist of Yona's mysticism–that these terrible internalizations (and a child always has to internalize what there is, to play the role he's forced to play), all the poison of the 'evil garden,' that Hades, is our store of gold.” —Aharon Shabtai

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