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About the Theater
Stanley Kauffmann; Stanley Rogoff, intro.

Sheep Meadow
2010 • 207 pp. 6 1/2 x 9"
Theater & Performing Arts / Theater Criticism

$17.95 Paperback, 978-1-931357-65-4

“Stanley Kauffmann is a national treasure.” – Susan Sontag

This book includes essays on Shaw, Shakespeare, and the European theatre of the twentieth century. Stanley Kauffmann is considered by many to be the most important drama critic we have produced since Eric Bentley.

From the Book:

“Tragedy may well have come into being through a frankly utilitarian urgency: human beings needed it. No other theater form could embrace the cluster of hungers that is born of the three elements [a vision of mortality, a concept of perfection, a tension between the truth of art and the truth of the world]. Tragedy is almost a praxis rather than an aesthetics, a means of treating with the inevitable, the unattainable, the chaotic. At the last, tragedy exists because mankind exists, as a warrant of our existence and a signet of our endurance.” —from About the Theater

STANLEY KAUFFMANN has been film critic for The New Republic for forty years. He has published ten books of criticism and seven novels, he has also written essays and reviews on the theatre. Sheep Meadow Press has previously published Kauffmann’s memoir, Albums of a Life.

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