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Suzanne Gardinier

Sheep Meadow
2011 • 196 pp. 9 x 8"

$17.95 Paperback, 978-1-931357-84-5

A collection of poems “broad enough to hold the surf of history crashing with an emotional sweep, depth and beauty few contemporary poets can provide”


“Gardinier is above all a poet whose language and images are completely integrated so that, in Keats’s words, every rift is laden with ore.”
—Adrienne Rich

Dialogue with the Archipelago is full of private mythology Suzanne Gardinier grafts on to matters modern, Biblical, and ancient. She has invented a line appropriate to her poetry ruled by a two-faced moon that keeps and holds every word precious and resonant, broad enough to hold the surf of history crashing with an emotional sweep, depth and beauty few contemporary poets can provide. Of course, her moon makes for breakers mysteriously regular and irregular. Of course, Suzanne Gardinier’s mind to her ‘a kingdom is.’”
—Stanley Moss

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From the Book:


Upstairs someone’s mama is pretending/ so a man she knows will give her money
A man whose grandfather owned her people/ gone and took their names
Downstairs someone sits with his aunt who’s meeting/ the wooden rictus grin of Europe
With a touch that makes the hammers say/ Didn’t She Ramble in the key of blue

The key of work Of the chained men looking/ day after day for a pulse to ride
The key of the sisters at the night meetings/ passing out with joy
His aunt’s fingers finding something/ new between the black and white bars
Strange and unlikely as love beyond shaming/ As a market where people are sold

What’s your name honey he hears her asking/ that sweet thing on the other side
Of the wood and wire She’s forgotten/ everything else in the room
The man with his mother spoke to him once/ He plans to disfollow his counsel exactly
Learn a decent living Don’t spend your life/ fooling around with a horn

SUZANNE GARDINER is the author of Today: 101 Ghazals and Dialogue with the Archipelago; the long poem The New World, chosen by Lucille Clifton as winner of the Associated Writing Program’s Award Series in poetry in 1992; and A World That Will Hold All the People, essays on poetry and politics. She has received awards from the New York Foundation for the Arts and the Lannan Foundation, and teaches at Sarah Lawrence College and lives in Manhattan.

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