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Underwater Dreams
A Modern Greek Tragedy
James Rouman

Peter E. Randall Publisher
2006 • 152 pp. 6 x 9"
Fiction & Literature / Fiction/Medical

$18.00 Hardcover, 978-1-931807-42-5

Discover a Modern Greek Tragedy with a classic feel, as you meet the unforgettable characters of this intriguing, critically acclaimed first novel from James Rouman

Follow the path of a young Greek bride and her solid husband as they raise a family in Wisconsin. Trace the steps of their middle son, a doctor who falls in love with an independent nurse, herself a single mother of an adopted child from Nicaragua. Curl up for a few days with this beautiful love story and its startling ending.
Underwater Dreams has been attracting readers internationally since its publication in September 2006. Dr. Rouman’s deft hand brings details of Greek immigrant life to the forefront of this multi-generational story of love, family and betrayal.

JAMES ROUMAN, the son of Greek immigrants, was born and raised in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Following service in the navy during World War II, he graduated from Northwestern University Medical School and worked for a year as a ship surgeon before specializing in anesthesiology, which he practiced at a major tertiary-care center in Connecticut.

Drawing on his own experiences and an empathy he credits to a lifetime in anesthesiology—where the physician must be attuned to the signs and signals from silent patients in their trust—Rouman’s lean prose seeks to create “a realistic picture in your mind of what life might have been like for these other people who found themselves in the middle of nowhere (see National Herald PDF of article). In his novels, “nowhere” transforms into somewhere as immigrants and outsiders use the tools fate gives them to construct their own meaning and sense of place in the finest tradition of immigrants since the first boat ever set out for unchartered seas.

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