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Of Gods & Strangers
Tina Chang

Four Way
2011 • 112 pp. 6 x 9"

$15.95 Paperback, 978-1-935536-17-8

“Chang's high-intensity second collection tracks her needs, desires, and disappointments and her quest to fit them into a trans-Pacific history...”—Publishers Weekly

“A dangerous thunder, living is.”

A meditation on history and the imagination that bears witness to acts of genocide and to natural disasters in Ethiopia, Haiti, and Sri Lanka, Of Gods & Strangers interweaves lyrical, arresting accounts of our contemporary world with stories of “Empress Dowager” Tzu Hsi, last empress of China (1861-1908). An urgent reminder that poetry can offer us a social consciousness—“in my locked mouth an urge”—Of Gods & Strangers deftly traces the human dimensions of the “great modern machine,” looking to recover the present and its people through the past’s “faulty memory.”

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Reviews / Endorsements

“Open this book and read the first poem ‘Unfinished Book of Mortals’ and see if you can put the book down. Tina Chang is writing to the future, from the past towards the present, and all the way back again. Of God & Strangers is haunted, intoxicating, and revelatory.-- the voice, ‘neither evil nor kind’ is ferociously alive.”Marie Howe

From the Book:

Bright Order

When you died, you were shot in both eyes,
a vision of blindfolded saint, and even then
we couldn’t agree on which one. A simple burial:
your belongings placed into the pit of earth,
burning the surface in a circle of fire.

Wandering a labyrinth in the netherworld,
you asked for money to make it to the next
invisible city. When your mother kissed you,
you surrendered to an immaculate moment
that even god had not anticipated. That memory
grew and you thought of her as they roped you
upside down, your body swinging like a bell.

Author of Half-Lit Houses, TINA CHANG teaches at Sarah Lawrence and serves as Brooklyn Poet Laureate.

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