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All Pilgrim
Stephanie Ford

Stahlecker Selections

Four Way
2015 • 76
pp. 6 x 9"
Poetry - Women Authors

$15.95 Paperback, 978-1-935536-59-8

“. . . Tender to every nuance, yet undeceived, these poems are amazing.”—Donald Revell

All Pilgrim examines the push and pull between seeking and settling

All Pilgrim charts our vanishing into the modern landscape, mapping both the terror and the ecstatic vision of belonging to the world. Tuned to the intermingling of peril, banality, and beauty, the voice in these poems is hungry for something to sing about but unable to ignore the signs of crisis.

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Reviews / Endorsements

“. . . The unexpected intelligence of these poems, their fractious yet layered nuances that repeatedly push the possibilities of sense against the sensual, announce a terrific and very new poetry . . .”—Cate Marvin

From the Book:


Thus comes the end of us.
Last rain. Slow file of the soldiered self
evangelizing the blacktop.
Where asphalt refuses its orchard roots,
brake fluid, tread burn, the world awash
in tailspin and windfall, in flimsy wicks
that won't stay lit. All over the via lacrimosa
where we so lately primped, cruised, juiced, and ate fro-yo,
where we loitered the plaza and nailed epic ollies,
a debris flow of cold calls, of winking red omens.
While the rain makes its pissed-off downpour sound

swish-wish, swish-wish, swish-wish—
we pave our river over and name ourselves there
in felony orange over blowtorch blue,
each of us bearing a semiautomatic wince-grin,
a sprig of free needles for the good-news dove.

STEPHANIE FORD studied art at Grinnell College and writing at the University of Michigan. A long-time resident of Los Angeles, she is the recipient of the Avery Hopwood Award and a fellowship from Vermont Studio Center.

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