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Maya Pindyck

Stahlecker Selections

Four Way
2016 • 96 pp. 6 x 9"
Poetry / Poetry - Death, Grief, Loss

$15.95 Paperback, 978-1-935536-71-0

“…—these are dazzling poems, pared to the bone, but like the horizon-less landscape, vast in their intimacy. Pindyck isn't a miniaturist: she's a gem cutter with huge themes. The concision, the cumulative force—these poems are musical in their fierceness: not akin to music, but music themselves.”—D. Nurkse

This collection maps an intimate, dislocated route across human and nonhuman bodies, forming a concert of emotional intensities

Emoticoncert follows intensities and absences across different bodies and scales. Broken up into musical “movements,” each section serves as its own composition. As a whole, the book works as a concert of intensities associated with loss, nationalism, and the slippery boundary between human and animal. Moving across both real and dreamed terrains, Emoticoncert is a dislocated kind of traveling linked by a sense of musicality and a desire to record the intensities that arise in the author’s entanglements with things both present and gone.

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Reviews / Endorsements

“In Emoticoncert, Maya Pindyck writes of the conflicting emotional soundtracks that play continuously in all our minds. These honest, sonically dazzling poems pursue the music of human emotion, of the expressions we are taught to hold back and which appear in every family photograph.” —Idra Novey

Emoticoncert contains a multitude of intricate, crystalline syllabic structures. Emotion resonates against a dazzling landscape of history and mystery.”
Shelf Awareness

From the Book:

Ms. Weiss sticks her fist
inside a dead cow’s heart
and wears, for one brilliant minute,

a red boxing glove. Poor
heart, dumb on the table,
to teach us about form:

superior vena cava,
veins, valves, ventricles,
small, empty chambers

MAYA PINDYCK is an award-winning poet and visual artist. She has received grants and fellowships in support of her projects from the Historic House Trust of New York City’s Contemporary Art Partnerships program, the Abortion Conversation Project, Squaw Valley Writers, and the Vermont Studio Center. She lives in Brooklyn and teaches throughout New York City.

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