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Event Boundaries
April Ossmann

Four Way
2017 • 92 pp. 6 x 9"
Poetry / Poetry - American / Poetry - Women Authors

$15.95 Paperback, 978-1-935536-85-7

Poems on relationships, conscious and unconscious desires and motivations, faith, fear, love, mortality—and how these are shaped by environment

Event Boundaries considers ways our relationships and growth as individuals are interdependent, whether it’s possible to consider any relationship (including with ourselves) independent of the culture and environment it exists in; whether we create our culture and environment in part through the way we enact our relationships, to what degree reality is objective or a matter of perception, and how we come to terms with our and others’ mortality.

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Reviews / Endorsements

“. . . Ossmann’s idiomatic mastery bespeaks ‘the opportunity to perfect/the perfect clamor.’ This is a book that climaxes in a Quietude dearly urgent now.”—Donald Revell

“. . . This is a work of maturity and severity, a book that refuses to look away. Event Boundaries is, despite or because of its starkness, a pleasure to read, and, I would add, it is a necessary read.”—Lynn Emanuel

“. . . Her understated wit continues to remind us that despair can be a failure of the imagination. What quick bright work this is . . .”—Cynthia Huntington

From the Book:


The year the perennial beds
finally filled in:

year of abundance—
year of yearning,

wishing every flower
a longer bloom—

longing, perversely,
to begin again from nothing,

build the garden up
from soil so barren it isn't—

so merely sand and powder
even weeds disdain it—

work to make knuckles

to abrade the knees
and give the body a thirst

no nectar will quench; work
to earn a lassitude surpassing

the post-coital in pleasure
rise eager again to labor—

smash the happy-meter
to smithereens!

APRIL OSSMANN is the author of Anxious Music (Four Way Books 2007), and recipient of a 2013 Vermont Arts Council Creation Grant. She has published her poems widely, and is an editor and publishing consultant,, and an editor-in-residence for the low-residency MFA in creative writing program at Sierra Nevada College. She was executive director of Alice James Books from 2000–2008, and lives in West Windsor, VT.

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