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For Educators

3:14 and Out
A Collection of Vermont Public Radio Commentaries
Bill Mares

Wind Ridge Publishing
2011 • 144 pp. 6 x 9"
Memoir / Essays / Vermont

$14.95 Paperback, 978-1-935922-07-0

Now collected in one lively, entertaining volume, these commentaries are as delightful to read as they were to hear; readers can now experience Mares’ voice on the page instead of through their radios

Each week when Bill Mares’ voice comes over the airwaves of Vermont Public Radio, his listeners don’t know what he’s going to talk about, but they do know they’re in for a treat. Mare’s interests are as varied and eclectic as his fans. He shares his thoughts and experiences on topics ranging from beekeeping to marathon running to international politics, all within the parameters of the broadcasting time limited minutes of 3:14 and Out. With passion, humor, and a wry self-awareness, he describes a presidential fishing trip, ponders the meaning of friendship in a digital age, and recounts what it’s like to travel to a different country and subsequently see our society through a different lens.

3:14 and Out is appealing for both its light touch and its deeper thoughtfulness. Mares is a proud citizen of Vermont, our country, and of the world, and his passion for art, music, agriculture, athleticism, and the human condition are prevalent throughout this entertaining and thought-provoking collection.

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“Bill Mares is a Renaissance man, and it shows in the breadth of these VPR commentaries. With wit and intelligence he writes fluidly about public affairs, hobbies, ideas, and travel.”—Peter Shumlin, Governor of the State of Vermont

“What do the social patterns and work habits of bees, the rhythms and poetry of Vermont town meetings, and the strutting lives of Texas oil barons have in common? More than you would think. And Bill Mares explains it to us in his commentaries. With wit and insight, a gentle touch and an observant eye for the weakness and strength of the human condition, Mares delights and provokes us with his wonderful essays, a must-read for those of us trying to find our way in a confusing world.”—Peter Welch, Vermont congressman

BILL MARES of Burlington, Vermont is a writer, VPR commentator, former high school history teacher, and legislator.

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