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Remembering Animals
Brenda Iijima

2016 • 174 pp. 9 x 10"

$17.95 Paperback, 978-1-937658-49-6

“Iijima’s eco-provocations have the lightness and gravitas of an improbably reconsecrated world glimpsed at its hectic, interrogatively driven conception. On the edge of loss, words have taken on direct agency.” —Joan Retallack

This song cycle is a raw and mutating cry from within an ecological surround undergoing massive upheaval and duress

Remembering Animals chronicles the animal in all the complexity of such a categorization, revealing the ways in which bodies are marked and evaluated, used as resource, violated and occluded from history. It is a botched text—it is problematic and scarred. It hurts and registers the hurt. There is no comfort zone. These poems contort out of the marked position of human to bring an intimate awareness of our interrelational vibrancy.

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Reviews / Endorsements

“Iijima weaves biology, taxonomy, and eugenics with news reports, philosophy, and satire in a powerfully dissonant text that is concerned with inter- and intra-species barbarity. . . . This is meant to be a visceral, even unpleasant read, and Iijima delivers a stirring and uncomfortable truth: "we once were animals and now we are animals."” —Publishers Weekly

BRENDA IIJIMA is the author of six full-length collections of poetry including Early Linoleum and If Not Metamorphic as well as numerous chapbooks and artist’s books. She is also the editor of the eco language reader and editor of Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs. She lives in Brooklyn.

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