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The Consequences of My Body
Maged Zaher

2016 • 160 pp. 6 x 8"

$15.95 Paperback, 978-1-937658-50-2

“Totally alive, funny, sharp, shapely, and never dull.” —Wayne Koestenbaum

This sequence of short lyrics explores love, the most ancient of subjects in the most contemporary and immediate ways

The varying poetics of both ancient and modern Arabic poetry inflect this book-long exploration of the materiality of the body, negotiating the terrain of love—and its denials. Zaher explores the landscape of life fraught with disappointments and occasional triumphs through fragments, lyrics, metatextual pauses, stutterings, translations of ancient poetry, and the occasional late-night email. This epic foray into fraught emotional territory is alive with Zaher’s particular gift of keen observation, deft whimsy, and superb intelligence.

Reviews / Endorsements

“The shuttling between Seattle and Cairo allows Zaher to trace out a hybrid poetic genealogy for himself. The fifth section of Consequences contains a three-page manifesto, ‘Aesthetics: A Personal Statement – Rated R’, in which Zaher claims a joint affinity with the ‘Udhri’ Arabic love poets and North American L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poetry, his own work situating itself on the ‘middle ground between the lyrical and the experimental’. Zaher seems to owe just as much to the slacker hedonism of the New York School which finds its way, rather appealingly, into the translations of classical Arabic love poetry strewn throughout this section.”—James Jiang, Cordite Review

“Maged Zaher uses his poetry and prose to tackle both traditional and new explorations of eros. His lyrical outbursts and stark, dry declarative statements illuminate romance in a way that clinical discussions cannot hope to duplicate.”—Joseph Sills, Al Jadid

From the Book:

The things we think we can touch aren't there
We fill pink papers with evidence
Hello, this is about the gap between epistemology and the air
we breathe
About the gap between our bodies
The gap between our bodies and our texts
There is enough to know that we will hold this thirst forever
Volleyball comrades will help only a little
Also underground parties
And scarce moments of love

MAGED ZAHER is the author of six books, including a collaboration with Pam Brown, and a translation of contemporary Egyptian poetry. He is the recipient of the 2013 Genius Award in Literature from The Stranger. He lives in Seattle.

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