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MacArthur Park
Andrew Durbin

2017 • 304 pp. 5 1/4 x 8 1/4"
Fiction & Literature

$16.95 Paperback, 978-1-937658-69-4
$9.99 Ebook, 978-1-937658-70-0

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“In MacArthur Park, Durbin observes that 'everyone wants to be an artist because everyone wants to speak about the now.' ...Durbin proves himself unafraid of writing about the present. The... [continued in Reviews below]”—Thora Siemson, Lithub

Andrew Durbin’s debut novel asks what it means to belong to a place, an idea, and a time, even as those things begin to slip away

After Hurricane Sandy, Nick Fowler, a writer, stranded alone in a Manhattan apartment without power, begins to contemplate disaster. Months later, at an artist residency in upstate New York, Nick finds his subject in disaster itself and the communities shaped by it, where crisis animates both hope and denial, unacknowledged pasts and potential futures. As he travels to Los Angeles and London on assignment, Nick discovers that outsiders—their lives and histories disturbed by sex, loss, and bad weather—are often better understood by what they have hidden from the world than what they have revealed.

Reviews / Endorsements

“In MacArthur Park, Durbin observes that 'everyone wants to be an artist because everyone wants to speak about the now.' ...Durbin proves himself unafraid of writing about the present. The form in which he presents it––as the accrual of a person’s disparate and striking ideas coalescing into a novel, a love story even––makes me think of how Donna Summer sounds when she sings, “I’ll never have that recipe again.”—Thora Siemson, Lithub

MacArthur Park is an ecstatic debut from a curious writer.... his sublime aspirations for fiction are ones that will be of larger intrigue outside the New York bubble that is probed in this thought-provoking novel."—Christopher Stewart, Lambda Literary

“Durbin's characters are archetypal urban millennials. They work coffee-shop jobs while they peddle their chapbooks. They live in Bed-Stuy and call their parents when they can't meet their rent. Terrified of a future that's far from clear, they decide to dance out the storm, to take ecstasy and fuck–to imagine that, for the meantime at least, everything will be OK. Their frustrations extrapolate our collective failure to forecast in an increasingly volatile age, when nature and politics lash out unexpectedly and with extreme violence. The novel's chaotic sense of drift is an honest portrait of a generation loosed from its existential moorings.”—Evan Moffitt, BOMB Magazine

“Andrew Durbin gives us all the information we will need to make it in the precarious margins of the art world: parables of love and drugs, evidence of the impending apocalypse, and play-by-plays of the cocktail and conference banter of the powerful. MacArthur Park is a mirror; it shines—knowingly, darkly—with the indelible indecisions of the early twenty-first century.”—Lucy Ives

“Durbin’s incisive and often brilliant book offers pitch-perfect feedback of a culture where to go deep is to resend an unanswered text at 3 a.m.” —Chris Kraus on Mature Themes

ANDREW DURBIN is a poet, novelist, editor, and critic based in New York. He is also the author of Mature Themes.

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