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Swimming with the Immortals
Laurence Lieberman; Stanley Moss, pref.

Sheep Meadow
2016 • 180
pp. 6 1/2 x 9"

$18.95 Paperback, 978-1-937679-52-1

“He has the grace to make his voyage into the eye of the world and back a communion for the reader. His is a poetry of such awe, a nearly... [continued in Reviews below]”—Dave Smith, American Poetry Review

Writing without boundary

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Reviews / Endorsements

“He has the grace to make his voyage into the eye of the world and back a communion for the reader. His is a poetry of such awe, a nearly orthodox Romantic ecstasy, that it verges on the plangent . . . Lieberman’s poems look and act like Marianne Moore’s syntactical precisions mated with Roethke’s nervous green world of passion.”—Dave Smith, American Poetry Review

“In purpose and effect, Lieberman’s writing is without boundary. Indeed, it’s hard to name a more distinctive and original American poet working today.”—G.E. Murray, Chicago Sun-Times

“Laurence Lieberman is perhaps the finest American poet writing in patterned free forms. The style is sensuously narrative and descriptive. It exudes joy and vitality . . . a true American original.”—Charles Guenther

“Among the few genuinely narrative American poets writing today, Lieberman is never likely to intrude on subject matter. His responsibility is to depiction, his inclination to describe . . . The point of view is unique. This narrator gives the impression that he must assimilate everything and speak of it with the celebratory zeal of Walt Whitman.”—Robert McDowell

“There are books that tell us planet Earth will be left to insects beyond the rainbow of God's will. I believe, this evening, Lieberman's poetry, in the end, may help the human race win.”—Stanley Moss

From the Book:


How Julio Maduro loved to recite his poems in Papiamento! He held forth across the wide plain of Aruba to his audience of listeners, all the wild animals of the isle. The farmers, of old, had all but given up during the last and worst drought. Rains in Aruba were always few and far between, at best, during the three wettest months toward year's end. But this year, there was practically no rain at all, so the last farmers left. Today, the whole island felt like Julio's personal and exclusive barnyard. When he recited his poems from the top of a little knoll, he imagined he was performing a grand opera for the scores of wandering quadrupeds. He even envisioned he'd hear their great round of applause when he paused at the finish of each strophe... There was a long history of farmhands who kept abandoning the island for lack of water. But the oil refineries and gold-miners thrived for many years, while sons of the old farmer class mourned the loss of that dying culture and demise of agriculture...

LAURENCE LIEBERMAN is the author of fourteen books of poetry and three books of literary essays. He received a William Carlos Williams Citation from the Poetry Society of America. Founder and longtime editor of the Illinois Poetry Series (1971-2009), Lieberman is a professor emeritus of English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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