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Glass Harvest
Amie Whittemore

Autumn House
2016 • 88 pp. 6 x 9"

$17.95 Paperback, 978-1-938769-16-0

“...yes, read this book. Devour it. Its lessons are hard won and necessary, its writing is sharp and inventive, and its big-hearted author deserves your undivided attention.’”—Ruth Awad, Agape Editions

Stunning debut poetry collection

Amie Whittemore's debut poetry collection, Glass Harvest, focuses on our intimate connection to the natural world and how it shapes us. The book explores the struggle of relationships changing (or ending) and how we come to understand and accept our past. Anyone prone to nostalgia and anyone who celebrates the smallest aspects of our everyday world will love Whittemore's work.

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Reviews / Endorsements

“Amie Whittemore is intentionally vulnerable and unintentionally dazzling. She’s got what it takes, and we want what she has—her storied language; her candor and exquisite grace. I hope she wins every award; and even with this impatient pile of books on my desk, I’ll keep this one, to read again.’”—Grace Cavalieri, Washingon Independent Review of Books

“Amie Whittemore’s Glass Harvest is a stunning first book of poetry by a truly original writer. As a debut collection, Glass Harvest celebrates multiple themes—love and desire as well as nature, gender, the family and the self—with fresh and cutting edge imagery.”—Sonja James, The Journal (WV)

"Whittemore’s is an original voice. She has an eye and an ear for a beautiful turn of phrase. This is an exciting debut collection that holds the reader’s attention with its striking phrasing, taut imagery and lush lines. Its dreamlike evocations, binding together a past, a present and a future and its exploration of our relationship to the natural world reaps its own harvest of plenty. Highly recommended."—Neil Leadbeater, Galatea Resurrects

"Whittemore has rolled intellect, eroticism, secrets, and even perversion into another bold statement, leaving us craving more of her secrets in this 'glass harvest.'"—Dorothy Chan,
Boxcar Poetry Review

“In stunningly lush and organic lines filled with milkweed, soybeans, and marigold, where heartcall is answered by birdsong, and both land and speaker are palimpsestically haunted by past and future seasons, Amie Whittemore fills her dream ark with vivid catalogues, memories, and visions. In poems that weave together “an entire imaginary alphabet from a single letter” with the intricate architectural skill of a bird’s nest braiding together hair and twigs, these poems ricochet between rivetingly fierce consciousness and pure animal joy in a journey that is as harrowing as it is lustrous.”—Lee Ann Roripaugh, author of Dandarians

“If I had a checklist for what constituted a top-notch collection of poems, Amie Whittemore’s Glass Harvest would come close to hitting them all. A strong sense of language and a compelling voice? Check. Surprising phrasing, metaphors, and use of imagery? Check. A well-tuned ear? Check. Playfulness? Check. Pathos? Check. Check. Check. In her lines a ‘skirt / thrown across the floor looks like a lake // where a child drowned.’ If poetry transforms the world and heightens our realizations of its joys and terrors, then Whittemore is the real deal, and this collection is her terrific and startling debut.”—Gerry LaFemina, author of Little Heretic

“I find these poems’ attention to the natural world sensually rich, electrifying, and refreshing. It is a beautiful debut.” —Paisley Rekdal, author of Animal Eye

From the Book:

Spell for the End of Grief

No incantations, no rosemary and statice,
no keening women in grim dresses.
No cauldron, no candles, no hickory wands.
No honey and chocolate, no sticky buns.
No peonies and carnations, no handkerchiefs.
No dark and lusty liaisons.

Only you and me to see it out.
Sweet self, let me wash your toes,
brush your hair, let me rock you gently.
Together we'll change the sheets
and I'll pull you to me, little spoon.
You be the marrow; I'll be the bone.

AMIE WHITTEMORE is a poet and educator living in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her poems have appeared in The Gettysburg Review, Smartish Pace, North American Review, and elsewhere. She is a recipient of a Vermont Studio Center fellowship and a Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Memorial Poetry Prize. 

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