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Apocalypse Mix
Jane Satterfield

Autumn House
2017 • 102 pp. 6 x 8"
Poetry / Poetry - European / Poetry - Women Authors

$17.95 Paperback, 978-1-938769-17-7

“As a whole, Jane Satterfield’s “Apocalypse Mix” offers a challenging integration of history into the present day. With these sensitive poems, Satterfield possesses the ability to make the past a... [continued in Reviews below]”—Sonja James, The Journal

The fourth full-length poetry collection of Jane Satterfield, winner of the 2016 Autumn House Poetry Contest

Jane Satterfield’s fourth poetry collection, Apocalypse Mix, dives into a musical, war-torn, elegiac past.

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Reviews / Endorsements

As a whole, Jane Satterfield’s “Apocalypse Mix” offers a challenging integration of history into the present day. With these sensitive poems, Satterfield possesses the ability to make the past a living present. She teaches us the difficult lesson that we are each responsible for the past which precedes us. These poems are a splendid gift to the socially conscious reader. Satterfield is as generous as she is wise.—Sonja James, The Journal

The clear implication is that in our time fear seems to lurk everywhere. Jane Satterfield’s Apocalypse Mix, winner of the 2016 Autumn House Poetry Prize, maps this terrain and serves as measure, warning, and guide.—Margaret Rozga, Mom Egg Review

Jane Satterfield delivers one revelation after another — from her own young life to a world view reflected in history. Each poem is a construction William Carlos Williams would be proud of — every line an arbiter.—Grace Cavalieri, Washington Independent Review of Books

These are intelligent, well-researched poems that encompass both personal and universal worlds. Her exploration of history is both authentic and engaging. The strength of these poems lies in their density, lyric grace and multi-layered complexity.—Neil Leadbeater, Galatea Resurrects

She hews closely to a scholarly approach, while moving effortlessly into personal insights. “We might well consider/this week’s body count, the sorrow sustained in our announcer’s/stern voice or the one tune/from the man at the top: we must find alternatives to fossil fuel,/same static we’ve been hearing/as long as we’ve been listening.”—Roberto Bonazzi,
My San Antonio

...Jane Satterfield presents a bracing and resigned account of the human condition by confronting the contradictions of living in a circumstance of perpetual hostility. Stylistic and thematic commonalities unify the volume, but each of its five sections hums with its own distinctive vibration, its own unabashedly pessimistic take on life in times and places shaped by conflict or, as Satterfield puts it, “apocalypse and empire.”—Philip Belcher,

In two of Jane Satterfield’s previous collections—Shepherdess with an Automatic (Washington Writers’ Publishing House, 2000) and Her Familiars (Elixir Press, 2013)—we find poems engaging a past that straddles two continents, including their history of war and their pastoral tradition. Similarly, her new collection, Apocalypse Mix, engages these topics and displays both her intelligence and her talent for yoking together seemingly disparate subjects.—Heidi Czerwiec,
Literary Matters

Because Satterfield is able to discuss the effects of war with ease, she effectively suggest that the apocalypse is war and its varying consequences, some of which are obvious and others overlooked. By discussing war so candidly, Satterfield is able to educate her reader of its lasting effects. Through her juxtaposition of images, Satterfield depicts the beauty of the world while simultaneously raising awareness of its appalling reality. —Kelly Lucero,

Though we may be unable to break our dependency on reiterating tragedies and unfathomable losses of the past, we can make something, we can give it away, rewriting or countering the 'mythic heritages' in 'Salt' and many of these poems, the current of our voices real and urgent as any other.—Jessica Murray,
Birmingham Poetry Review

These poems feel like they urge the reader to look, to ask, to examine, to consciously remember. It’s a beautiful collection that strongly unites art and social responsibility. Satterfield has done her research, pulling in quotes from historical sources, veterans and writers from various ages whose words complement her own, and this grounding in reality, in the real experiences of fellow human beings, strengthens the experience of each poem. The resulting collection is a great mix of wit, observation, memory, and history, masterful narrative poetry which feels incredibly current and relevant in a time where so many of our experiences are held at arm’s length, at the distance of a lens or screen.—Rachel Wooley,
Atticus Review

“From her brilliant debut collection, Shepherdess With an Automatic, to this remarkable new collection, Apocalypse Mix, Jane Satterfield has offered her readers some of the most lyrically graceful and historically reflective collections in American poetry. Always illuminated by intellectually provocative perspectives, these poems balance their raw psychological undercurrents with a calm and masterful stylistic authority.

Jane Satterfield’s work weaves the reader into its fabric of individual and historical circumstance, as well within the dense foliation of personal experience. This is a powerful poetry of great clarity, urgency, and superb accomplishment.”—David St. John

“Jane Satterfield's challenging new collection bristles with history. It is rich with unearthed, recalled, and juxtaposed relics, whether of pop music, yoga poses, or implements of former wars turned vintage memorabilia. Satterfield's poetry enacts what one of the powerful prose poems here calls 'this angel's transmission across time and space,'—and we readers are the beneficiaries.”—Rachel Hadas

“What a terrible, difficult, contradictory world we're living in. Thank god we have Jane Satterfield's beautifully conceived, beautifully executed poems to guide us.”—Beth Ann Fennelly

From the Book:

In those days an enthusiasm for the adverse,
no one knew the depth of what had been done,
un-authoring letters, adjusting lists
as I took my turn at tables tossing back
ever-lusterless hair. My carte d'identité
was not enough—two shabby overcoats,
a cardboard case. My sister spoke only of E,
the front man's hand-rolled cigarettes, walks
in the woods waiting for words, another intoxicant
to take its effect. Nights I spent on my script, lured
on by the promise of an island address. . . . That's
what I called style—where I woke—no more
than the fringes: pastures drenched with rain,
lungs filling with second-hand smoke.


Long-Listed for the Julie Suk Award (2018)

JANE SATTERFIELD is the recipient of awards in poetry from the National Endowment for the Arts, Maryland Arts Council, Bellingham Review, Ledbury Poetry Festival, Mslexia, and more. Her essays have received awards from the Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society, Massachusetts Review, Florida Review, and the Heekin Foundation, among others. Her books of poetry are Her Familiars, Assignation at Vanishing Point, and Shepherdess with an Automatic. She is also the author of Daughters of Empire: A Memoir of a Year in Britain and Beyond. Born in England, she teaches creative writing at Loyola University Maryland.

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