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Thank Your Lucky Stars
Sherrie Flick

Autumn House
2018 • 200 pp. 5 1/4 x 8"
Fiction & Literature / Short Stories - Single Author / Fiction - Contemporary Women

$17.95 Paperback, 978-1-938769-35-1

“In Thank Your Lucky Stars, Flick has arranged 50 stories of varying length—the shortest a paragraph, the longest 21 pages—into four numbered sections. The settings are often suburban... [continued in Reviews below]”—Cheryl Pappas, SmokeLong Quarterly

Brand new flash fiction by Sherrie Flick

Full of wit and humor, readers will find themselves immersed in big worlds contained in short narratives. From a woman who gets more than what she bargained for to a cowboy down on his luck, these complex stories serve up love and loss, longing and heartbreak, and cruelty and tenderness in poetic images and the most satisfying of moments.

Reviews / Endorsements

"In Thank Your Lucky Stars, Flick has arranged 50 stories of varying length—the shortest a paragraph, the longest 21 pages—into four numbered sections. The settings are often suburban towns in the West or Midwest, and Flick uses crickets, birdbaths with calm water, and deer heads as recurrent images throughout to underscore the agonizing quiet of such towns. Most of the stories are about love, but more specifically, finding someone to make a home with. Domestic spaces are the stage, and everyday objects, like two tin coffee cups, resonate with meaning."—Cheryl Pappas,
SmokeLong Quarterly

"These stories target a range of ages with something in each that many people have faced at one point or another. There’s a little something unexpected in each of Flick’s stories that remind us to 'Thank [Our] Lucky Stars' for the good present in any situation."—Cheyenne Heckermann,

"Many of the stories are character-driven instead of action-driven. These aren’t stories about world-changing events, but more about individual people coming to a self-realization. The interesting concept with these stories is that these acts of self-reflection feel just as important as the high-tension dramatic events seen in other popular novels and movies."—Sean Faulk,
The Coil

“Sherrie Flick is, like every great writer, a sublime noticer. The rich bounty of stories in Thank Your Lucky Stars is a testament to the raw power of her attention, her imagination, and her compassion. Her range is also astonishing. She veers from realism to fabulism to naturalism, from crickets to cowboys to fake farmers, with special commendations for those ready and willing to risk their heart for a bit more out of life. I was reminded of so many of my favorite story writers, from Grace Paley to Aimee Bender to Raymond Carver. But mostly, I was reminded of Sherrie Flick.” —Steven Almond

"At the end of the first story, when a woman 'thanked her lucky stars,' I knew I was in for a wild ride through stories where 'happiness seems possible' in spite of bleak and changing landscapes filled with puppies and cats, cigarettes, whiskey and wine, longing and desperation, and men—oh those men—and yes, love. Read Sherrie Flick’s collection. You will thank your own lucky stars."

—Pamela Painter

"Whether a character is buying corn, or having their photograph taken with an authentic cowboy, or choosing a new suit, you never know what will happen next in a Sherrie Flick story. Her new collection, Thank Your Lucky Stars, brims with wit and wisdom, love and disaster, and the best kinds of surprises. Each of her stories is a richly imagined little world. I loved visiting every one of them."—Margot Livesey

"These fifty stories have an astonishing scope, as vast as our American states. Sherrie Flick seems to know something about all of us, and she's telling our secrets." —Dan Chaon

SHERRIE FLICK is the author of the novel Reconsidering Happiness, the flash fiction chapbook I Call This Flirting, and the short story collection Whiskey, Etc., winner of the Foreword INDIES bronze prize and named one of Entropy’s Best Fiction Books of 2016. Her fiction has appeared in many journals and anthologies, including Ploughshares, SmokeLong Quarterly, W.W. Norton’s Flash Fiction Forward, New Sudden Fiction, and New Micro. She has received grants and fellowships from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, The Heinz Endowments, Sewanee Writers’ Conference, Ucross, Atlantic Center for the Arts, and Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. She works as a freelance writer and teaches in the Food Studies and MFA programs at Chatham University.

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