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From Blue Ribbon to Code Blue
A girl’s courage, her mother’s love, a miracle recovery
Jennifer Miller Field, Joanne Field; Alan Weiss PhD, fwd.

Grove Street
2016 • 144 pp. 33 illus. (31 color) 7 x 9"
Self-Help/Motivational / Memoir / Children with Special Needs

$24.95 Paperback, 978-1-941934-03-6

“Few narratives can so clearly document this step-by-step healing process; but  ‘From Blue Ribbon to Code Blue’ is as precise in its approach and experiences as it is... [continued in Reviews below]”—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

A courageous young woman beats the odds to regain her life after a traumatic brain injury

From a young age, Jennifer Field was in love with horses and riding. Blessed with natural talent, she was headed for the Olympics when a traumatic brain injury took that dream away. From Blue Ribbon to Code Blue tells the inspiring story of her courageous fight to regain her health and her life, and of her mother’s unfailing love and support along the way.

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Reviews / Endorsements

“Few narratives can so clearly document this step-by-step healing process; but  ‘From Blue Ribbon to Code Blue’ is as precise in its approach and experiences as it is candid about the many hurdles that must be jumped, both alone and with the help of others, in such a recovery. Readers of true-life, near-death experiences and stories of survival will relish the lessons and life-affirming experiences Jennifer imparts, and will find her story one of the top leaders in literature about the healing process: ‘Ironically, it’s human nature not to appreciate something until it’s gone, or, in my case, taken away. Simple things like breathing, eating, sleeping, walking, enjoying a cup of great coffee, or sharing laughter with friends and family-these are all fundamental things I’ve learned not to take for granted.’ Very highly recommended as a riveting read that, once begun, is hard to put down!”—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Jen’s inspiring story, narrated with courage, humility, and unflinching honesty, is a poignant true-life tale of human potential. Readers are invited into the back of the tapestry, where the blood, sweat, and tears of Jen, her mom, and many others are woven together, and the result is a different kind of love story. Shining among the gems in this treasure chest of a book is Jen’s resilient spirit, gently reminding us of our limitless capacities against all odds.”—Robin Davenport, executive director, CASA of the Mid-Shore

“Jennifer’s story is breathtaking. This powerful book shares the highs, the lows, and the realities she faced while rebuilding her life after a disabling accident. Jen’s will to thrive despite adversity is inspiring. This book is truly transformational.”—Sam Cawthorn, thought leader and CEO of Empowering Enterprises and best-selling author of Bounce Forward

“Jennifer’s extraordinary outcome must be recognized as one that can only come about with persistence and immense strength of character. Her relentlessness is stunning. She is a great example.”—The late Henry Betts, MD, past medical director, president, and CEO, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

“This is not only a touchingly intimate portrayal of a personal journey fueled by grit and determination, it is a mother-daughter story of love and commitment. Central to this story are both Joanne’s persistence, unflagging support, and perseverance, and Jennifer’s trust in the choices her mother made along the lengthy road to recovery.”—Felise S. Zollman, MD, medical director, president, and CEO, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

“What struck me about Jennifer the first time I heard her speak was her determination and resilience. Her book is no exception. From the very beginning that same message comes through loud and clear!”—Steven D. Wade, executive director, Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire

“Jennifer Field is an incredibly resilient and driven young woman. I’m convinced that every time she hears “no,” or why or how something can’t be done, she becomes more determined to prove everyone wrong. Needless to say, I’m a big fan! You can’t help but be moved by reading her amazing story. And it’s even more engaging, interesting, hysterical, sad, inspiring if you invite her to tell it to you in person!”—David Nour, international speaker, and CEO, The Nour Group, Inc.

At age seventeen, JENNIFER MILLER FIELD had her sights set on the Olympic equestrian team when a near-fatal car accident left her comatose and brain-damaged. Unable to walk, talk, or eat on her own, over the next ten years Jennifer battled physical, mental, and emotional obstacles to regain her physical independence, graduate from college, and become a nationally-known speaker.

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