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Rescue the Dead
David Ignatow

Wesleyan Poetry Program

1968 • 79 pp. Frontis. 6 x 8"

$15.95 Paperback, 978-0-8195-1037-2

“I respect him immensely and I find ideas in his work, as I do in the work of Marcuse and Bruno Bettelheim, that help me to understand what is going on underneath all the rhetorical events”—Robert Bly, New Leader

Poetic explorations of a celebrated poet’s inner world.

With that three-line epigraph, David Ignatow declares the thrust and purpose of his compelling new book. Unlike his previous work, which was written largely in reaction to the world about him—the urban landscape with its clamor and violence and business pressures—these new poems turn inward. They explore and confirm the individual in his never ending search for awareness and realization: a process in which conflict, love, sorrow, and insight in the end come together into a precarious balance that is its own form of peace.

Reviews / Endorsements

“Ignatow is skilled at driving the stake through the phony heart of America.”—Library Journal

From the Book:

I feel along the edges of life
for a way
that will lead to open land.

DAVID IGNATOW is among the most widely known of living American poets. His work has appeared in many journals and in four earlier books—most recently, Say Pardon and Figures of the Human. His honors include and award from the National Institute of Arts and Letters “for a lifetime of creative effort,” two Guggenheim fellowships. Ignatow received both the Shelley Memorial Award (1966) and the Frost Medal (1992). He has been poet in residence at the universities of Kentucky and Kansas, and has taught at the New School, Southampton College, and Columbia. In the autumn of 1967 he was named lecturer in English at Vassar.

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