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The White Rose
Munich, 1942–1943
Inge Scholl; Arthur R. Schultz, trans.; Dorothee Sölle, intro.

1983 • 176 pp. 9 illus. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"
History / British & European History

$19.95 Paperback, 978-0-8195-6086-5
$15.99 Ebook, 978-0-8195-7272-1

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2d ed. Originally published as Students Against Tyranny. Trans. from the German

“The existence of an organized resistance in Germany during the Third Reich has often been glossed over or ignored . . . Now for the first time this fascinating story, told by the surviving sister of two of the students, is available in accurate and readable English”—Library Journal

A unique study of the WW2 culture of Germany.

The White Rose tells the story of Hans Scholl and Sophie Scholl, who in 1942 led a small underground organization of German students and professors to oppose the atrocities committed by Hitler and the Nazi Party. They named their group the White Rose, and they distributed leaflets denouncing the Nazi regime. Sophie, Hans, and a third student were caught and executed.

Written by Inge Scholl (Han's and Sophie's sister), The White Rose features letters, diary excerpts, photographs of Hans and Sophie, transcriptions of the leaflets, and accounts of the trial and execution. This is a gripping account of courage and morality.


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Reviews / Endorsements

“A sad and beautiful book; timely and timeless”—Wall Street Journal

From the Book:

“Since December; 1979, millions have marched for peace in the streets of Europe…In their desperate search for role models, the finest members of the younger generation forage into the darkest part of Germany history. We know that we were militaristic, more so than any other European nation. We set a record for racism through our annihilation of six million Jewish people. We devastated Europe. But is that all there is to remember? Were there not, in addition to the forces of militarism, imperialism, and racism, also the forces of resistance?…
“We read history in order not to have to repeat it. When I think about Germany and the brief time in which White Rose bloomed, I feel choked with shame that there were not more ‘white roses’ in the bleakest hour of my country’s history. But shame is, as Karl Marx once said, a revolutionary emotion. The Scholls knew that.”
- from the Introduction by Dorothee Sölle

INGE SCHOLL is the surviving sister of Hans and Sophie Scholl.

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