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In Favor of Lightning
Barbara Molloy-Olund

Available only as an ebook.

Wesleyan New Poets

1987 • 63 pp. Frontis. 6 x 8"

$12.99 Ebook, 978-0-8195-7127-4

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Fine poems that bring the imagination out to the senses.

Barbara Molloy-Olund’s poems begin squarely in the world of the senses, then extend that world into the realm of imagination. The sky comes to imply a commanding spiritual intelligence. Trees tossing in a storm suggest the “fleeting, impetuous nerve/ we manage only once or twice/ our whole lives.” Pigs in a barnyard imply a rich connection between the sacred and the profane, The poet’s achievement is her subtlety; we admire her serene and unobtrusive flights of mind. Molloy-Olund’s Midwestern landscapes mesh gracefully with her ruminations, creating a poetry that is hers alone.

Reviews / Endorsements

“She has wonderful skills of imagination, a way of perceiving the natural, often pastoral world with a kind of clairvoyance her way of perceiving into the heart of connection, ignition, the syntax of image and emotion, as if by seeing through a thing it becomes more and larger than it was, which, in this poets eye, it does”—Stanley Plumly

“A redemptive power…” —Bill Knott

BARBARA MOLLOY-OLUND was born in Hindsdale, Illinois. She began writing poetry while studying at Southern Illinois University and she earned an M.F.A. at the University of Iowa Writer Workshop in 1985. She lives in Boston, where she teaches English and creative writing.

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