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Archaeology in Confrontation
Aspects of Roman Military Presence in the Northwest
Frank Vermeulen, ed.; Kathy Sas, ed.; Wouter Dhaeze, ed.

Archaeological Reports Ghent University

2004 • 460 pp. 114 illus. 8 1/4 x 11 5/8"

$68.00 Hardcover, 978-90-382-0578-6

No sales Belgium & Netherlands

This collection of papers focuses on the Provincial-Roman archaeology of Northern Gaul, Germany and Britain.

This collection of papers, the result of an international colloquium under the same heading (Brussels, December 6th 2002), is published in honor of Professor Hugo Thoen on the occasion of his retirement. In recognition of the fact that Professor Thoen’s main focus of scientific endeavor was the north-western outskirts of the Roman Empire, the Provincial-Roman archaeology of Northern Gaul, Germany and Britain was chosen as the geographical background for the colloquium. For it was in this area that Professor Thoen found inspiration for a remarkable academic career.

FRANK VERMEULEN is Professor of Roman Archeology and Archeological Methodology at Ghent University. KATHY SAS is Professor and Associate Researcher of Provincial-Roman Archaeology at Ghent University. WOUTER DHAEZE is an archeologist working in the city of Oudenburg.

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