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Meeting the Needs of Children in Substitute Care
A European Comparative Study of Welfare Services and Education
Arabella Weyts

2005 • 356 pp. 6 1/4 x 9 1/2"
Sociology / Health & Fitness

$38.00 Paperback, 978-90-382-0666-0

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This study sets out to scrutinize to what extent the needs of children in four different European regions are similar.

The process known as globalization, in which people move freely across borders for the purpose of study and work, has led to an increasing demand for the harmonization of policies and provision both within and between countries. Achieving such harmonization is not easy, especially in the area of social welfare. If it is to be effective, it requires an understanding of the structure of welfare services, their composition and the relationships between their providers and consumers.

This is the prime reason why this study sets out to scrutinize to what extent the needs of children in four regions (the Basque Country in Spain, England in Great Britain, Flanders in Belgium and Hedmark in Norway) are similar. These regions were selected because they each represent a specific welfare model, and, as the study shows, the specific organization and distribution of welfare services reflect a particular welfare orientation, which in turn produce specific outcomes for children.

ARABELLA WEYTS is Senior Program Coordinator at the Center for Children’s Rights in the Department of Social Welfare Studies at Ghent University.

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