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Global Cultures
A Transnational Short Fiction Reader
Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, ed.; Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, intro.

1994 • 539 pp. 6 x 9"
Fiction Anthologies / Colonialism & Post-Colonialism

$34.95 Paperback, 978-0-8195-6282-1

An anthology of 62 stories from around the non-Euro-American world providing new definitions of cultural diversity and commonality and an invaluable tool for teachers responding to the growing need for multicultural literature.

Over the past two decades, sweeping political changes and burgeoning new technologies have resulted in communities being increasingly defined in global as well as regional and national terms. Although the intellectual terra nova of world cultures remains largely uncharted, this anthology of sixty-two stories from around the non-Euro-American world provides what Elisabeth Young-Bruehl calls “an introductory map to the great wealth of literary works now being produced in, at once, the particular settings of the writers’ experiences and the global setting.”

Young-Bruehl finds that while the cultural diversity the stories exemplify is amazing, so too is the similarity in thematic terms of the concerns that this diversity presents. Thus she organized Global Cultures thematically to highlight and clarify how these worldwide cultures both converge and diverge. A comprehensive general introduction outlines forces behind the transnational approach to literary study and chapter introductions contextualize each story. Stories from India, Cuba, South Africa, and Uruguay are connected by the theme of exile and immigration; tales from Nigeria, Guatemala, Cameroon, and Egypt share a theme of political violence and civil uprisings; works from Taiwan, Chile, Jamaica, and Syria describe commonalities of women facing effects of modernization, prejudice, war, and immigration.

Global Cultures contributes to the fast-growing body of contemporary short fictions newly available in English and is an invaluable resource to meet the need for multicultural literature.

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ELISABETH YOUNG-BRUEHL is professor of General Programs at Haverford College and editor of Freud on Women: A Reader (1990). Her books include Creative Characters (1991), Mind and the Body Politic (1989), Anna Freud: A Biography (1988), and the prizewinning Hannah Arendt: For the Love of the World (1982).

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