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The Voice of the Åland Churches
New Light on Medieval Art, Architecture and History
Åsa Ringbom

PQR Publishing
2013 • 164 pp. 225 illus. & 188 figs. 10 5/8 x 8 7/8"
Medieval Art

$50.00 Hardcover, 978-952-5614-42-8

Fills in many details about the art and architecture of the medieval Åland churches

Shaped by navigation, trade, and warfare, the Åland Islands, the westernmost archipelago of more than 300 habitable islands between Sweden and Finland, are home to some of the oldest churches in Finland.

Churches are the only buildings in the Åland Islands to have been in continuous use since the Middle Ages, yet no one really knows how old they are. There are no medieval sources or written records that shed light on the building history of the churches. Yet the churches themselves, with their fittings and decorative ornamentations, medieval wooden sculptures, and wall paintings, are the most important source of knowledge about the medieval history of the Åland Islands. The Voice of the Åland Churches presents the history of these wonderfully preserved places of worship through architectural, art historical, and archaeological studies.

This stunningly beautiful book will appeal to those interested in medieval churches and what they can tell us about medieval life.

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ÅSA RINGBOM, professor emerita of art history at Åbo Akademi University and research professor at the Åland University of Applied Sciences, is head of the Åland Churches Project and the International Mortar Dating Project. Through a multidisciplinary approach, these projects are getting close to pinpointing the chronology of these churches.

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