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The Millennium Hotel
The Rider Quintet, vol. 2
Mark Rudman

Wesleyan Poetry Series

1996 • 201 pp. 5 1/2 x 9"

$17.95 Paperback, 978-0-8195-2230-6
$13.99 Ebook, 978-0-8195-6973-8

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A captivating sequel to Rider.

In this captivating sequel to his award-winning Rider, Mark Rudman reclaims a sacred space for poetry. The Millennium Hotel is a world of dazzling imitations, a vast casino where personal narrative is recognized as a fiction and death always holds the winning hand. Rudman asks, "How not to be seduced by the new?" as he illustrates the intimate ways in which facade, gender, and memory inform both our private and public realms.

Here the interlocutor's voice shifts and freely crosses gender lines, especially in poems about early erotic experience. Mothers, daughters, lovers, and wives are passionately engaged. Its inclusiveness and wide range of tonal registers enable The Millennium Hotel to blend seamlessly the intimate, the social, the comic, and the apocalyptic. The book moves like a series of sonatas, melding childhood, the diaspora, and eros.

Volume 2 of the 5-volume Rider Quintet. You may purchase the complete set here.

Reviews / Endorsements

“The Millennium Hotel enlarges upon the themes that appeared in Rider and includes several of the same players and personae. The books build upon each other to create an increasingly rich linguistic world. Rudman is writing a sophisticated poetry of polyphonic voices. He engages the questions of the subject position and the construction of the self obliquely, in poems that ‘think on their feet.’—Alice Fulton

Author Photo

MARK RUDMAN is Adjunct Professor at NYU and has recently received fellowships from the NEA and the Guggenheim Foundation. His books include two published by Wesleyan: Realm of Unknowing (1995) and Rider, which won the 1994 National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry.

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