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il cuore – the heart
Selected Poems, 1970-1995
Kathleen Fraser

Wesleyan Poetry Series

1997 • 212 pp. 6 x 9"

$17.95 Paperback, 978-0-8195-2245-0

“Fraser’s work examines fields of possibility where the visual, theoretical, and lyrical collide.”—Carol Muske, New York Times Book Review

Rich and detailed poems by one of America’s preeminent experimental writers.

il cuore : the heart is a major new collection of poetry by Kathleen Fraser, one of the most significant poets of the last generation and a writer of unusual courage and inventiveness. From the intimacy of early poems to the syntactic play of her much-praised book, when new time folds up (1993), Fraser's work examines fields of possibility, where the visual, theoretical, and lyrical collide. This book provides a generous selection of work both new and old, tracing the development of her poetics over the last three decades. Rich with detail, these poems radicalize intention by embracing error, as in "boundayr," and reassert language innovation as a feminist strategy. They lead us toward "the infinity of a door only slightly ajar" and have established Fraser as one of America's preeminent experimental writers.

Reviews / Endorsements

“A wonderfully composed selection from Fraser’s brilliant poems. An elegant intimacy guides the entanglement of language in ‘the logic of secrets’ and ‘the outskirts of/meaning.’ A triumph of the curious happiness of poetry,”—Robin Blaser

“My respect for Fraser’s work is elevated again. Her later poems retain an earlier hi-jinx and delight, while yearnings of technique are replenished by maturity, Fraser is reminding us she considers poetry to be a sublime progression.”—Barbara Guest

From the Book:

the year of grey shadow, the large shape behind it, the year
of breaking thread around the boundayr, the primacy of
embroidered meanings, petal of each pool and mouth, poppies
opening in spite of every border or the yellow diminishing.

KATHLEEN FRASER, author of 14 books of poetry, was Professor of Creative Writing at San Francisco State University from 1972 to 1992, Director of the Poetry Center, founder of American Poetry Archives, and editor of the feminist/experimentalist poetry journal HOW(ever). She lives part of each year in Italy.

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